Deus Ex: The Fall Android hitting the Play Store next month

Less than a month after the release of Deus Ex: The Fall on the iTunes iOS App Store, Eidos Montreal revealed that the Android version of the first Deus Ex mobile game will be hitting the Google Play Store next month, priced at $6.99 with (completely) optional in-game purchases.

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Iltapalanyymi3032d ago

Cant wait to play this one out.

BXbomber3031d ago

for some reason i read "hitting the PlayStation Store" lol

Undrey3031d ago

I wish it came to the Vita.

dcj05243031d ago

Lol I was just abput to say ooo cant wait to play this on my vita.

porkChop3031d ago

This would be great on the Vita. I can't understand why they wouldn't release it when an Android version is pretty much a Vita version. They just need to program the controls and optimize the games performance a bit.

Shadowolf3031d ago

A Vita version would be great!