The Daily Five: This Generation’s Best Developer Debuts

"Sometimes, though, you have to make way for the new blood. While you’d think that developers in an industry such as this would need some time to find their sea legs, you can occasionally see a bright new studio hit the ground running and immediately leave a lasting impression." - Joe Garcia

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Discod992140d ago

343 industries did an amazing job with Halo. I was worried at first but they were able to top Bungie and deliver one of the best Halos to date.

etownone2140d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Story, multiplayer and graphics+sound.
(probably the best looking Xbox 360 exclusive)

Looking forward to Halo 5

2140d ago
InMyOpinion2140d ago

Nice that they mention L.A. Noire and Team Bondi, but where's Batman Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady?

InMyOpinion2140d ago

Ah! Didn't know they were behind Urban Chaos also. That game was insane! :)