Hardcore Dungeon RPG Baroque Emerges from Darkness, Creeps into Stores

Atlus U.S.A., Inc., today announced that Baroque, the new dungeon-crawling action RPG for Wii and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, is now in stores across North America. Dark, addictively challenging, and totally immersive, Baroque is a pure RPG experience, highly regarded by Japanese gamers and now finally available for Western audiences to enjoy.

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PS360WII3847d ago

I picked it up yesterday and it's a pretty fun rpg as of right now :)

Harry1903847d ago

that you would be the only one to comment.

ItsDubC3847d ago

Not for long, harry =)

I want the Baroque soundtrack!

PS360WII3847d ago

Well I do like to comment ^^

INehalemEXI3847d ago

Baroque looks interesting. Im broke after importing a UK GT5P though. It might not even reach me before its out in the US and I do feel foolish now. Impulse clicking 8( curse you ebay.

ElementX3847d ago

Nintendo Power gave Baroque a 31 according to Metacritic. Not that I would read Nintendo Power... <shudder>

RealityCheck3847d ago

Right, sites like metacritic and gamerankings only become somewhat reliable once they have 10+ reviews to "smooth" out extreme reviews.

KidMakeshift3847d ago

I was interested it until I watched a few videos for it. It looks horrible in motion