Nintendo Profits Increase Almost 50 Percent

Nintendo has raised its DS shipment forecast to around 20 million units. This is after their net profits rose by more than 48 percent during the first half of this financial year.

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DC RID3R4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

true hustlers!!!
although, the wii SHOULD be packaged with component leads as standard!!!

THWIP4464d ago

...because the continue to rehash old tech. The DS is in fact a glorified GBA. The games still look like SNES titles, regardless of any "innovation" with the touch screen and stylus interaction. The cost of R&D on those key components was FAR les expensive than that of creating a completely new device, with next-gen graphics (at least late N64 quality). Sony took a similar approach with the PSP, by basically cramming the slim PS2, into an even smaller case, and going with a smaller disc format. Sony has much more impressive looking games as a result, but Nintendo continues to own them with the "fun factor", and cheaper price.
Still, I'd never buy a handheld...even the PSP...unless it was under $100, and looked at least as good as the PSP.

PS360WII4464d ago

then I guess you'll never have a handheld. Or maybe one 10 years down the road. To make the psp that heavy on graphics is the reason it's rather expensive. Handheld's are different from console for they shouldn't be releying on graphics. It should be easy to pick up and play. Plus, as we see with the psp if they make heavy graphical games they will charge console prices for a handheld game. Thus less and less people will fork out the dough.
Nintendo being the handheld guru it is knows this which is why the DS is simple on the graphics not making one that could be named a 'gamecube handheld' Which makes the games cheaper and enabling more people to accually spend money on it.
Sure it could of been better but with the support this handheld has it doesn't matter that it doesn't support psp graphics. It still has the original IP's and the ones we know and love.

THWIP4464d ago

...that comment was pure rhetoric. ;)

I don't have the patience for handheld gaming...too hard on the eyes and hands (I'm 35). That's why I bought my 55" HDTV, after all; I could no longer enjoy games on my old 27". :(

jacen10004463d ago

have to totally disagree did u ever see or play metriod online with the DS did u ever see how it plays using the STYLUS using the touchscreen it is realy good and and u can actually move were u want, did u ever try and play an FPS game on a cross pad like the PSP its a total joke innovation is a big part of the DS this is were it excells from any other handheld ever made, think the wii is gonna do the same and seperate itself well from the other 2 next gen contenders which is a good thing..