Gamedaily: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Review - Phenomenal cut scenes and impressive voice acting. Gameplay, not so hot

Gamedaily writes: "Final Fantasy VII, despite being ten years old, continues to resonate among audiences, due in large part because of its unique faces, from Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding to Dirge of Cerberus (you don't see Super Mario Bros. 3 spin-offs, do you?). Now comes Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP, the prequel that sets the original game's events into motion. Square Enix has done its part to push the hardware, displaying the types of quality cut scenes and music that is the publisher's pedigree. As a game, however, Crisis Core falls somewhat flat, no thanks to monotonous combat.

On the positive side, this is one of the few video games that tells an excellent story that stars characters you'll enjoy listening to, most importantly Zack, the young, combat happy member of SOLDIER that desperately wants some action."

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RecSpec3934d ago

It is pretty simple, roll around to behind the enemy, slash, slash, slash, dead. I don't know if this warrants a 7 though, I would say an 8.

ZackFair3934d ago

Fantastic game, definitely worth more than a 7.

I'd give it 8.9 to 9.0.

Ri0tSquad3933d ago

an 8 or above

Anything below a 7 for this game is a fail in my book

blueb00ger3933d ago


hard mode? no offense, but I've seen people giving FFCC a really low score because of its "easiness" and how it's just X button bashing. seriously, those people need to play hard mode because thats what i started out with and i decided to drop it until i got a better hang of the game.

Again it's nothing personal to your comment, but to those who think the way as i mentioned