BBC iPlayer hits Wii

Nintendo signs deal with BBC to offer content through the top-selling home console.

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chasuk083843d ago

woah cool, now i can watch bbc on my wii, but i also want to watch it on my ps3, so work out a deal with sony

Andronix3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

its great news. iPlayer works brilliantly but who likes using it hunched over their PC? iPlayer on Wii means you can catch-up via your TV screen. Great for the whole family.

The BBC already have said that they are committed to bringing iplayer to as many different platforms as possible. im sure its just a matter of time before it comes to the Playstation 3. The hard drive might enable the downloadable version of programmes. Eg better quality.

Good news from the BBC.

Glad to be a gamer3843d ago

i use this a fair bit hope they mange to bring 4od and veoh tv to the wii as well.

BlackCountryBob3843d ago

IMO this is good technology but the BBC is supposed to make their technology available to all, if it is on Wii then it must also come to the 360 and PS3 soon or else the BBC will be using its programming to possibly have an effect on the market which is against the rules.

Bring it to PS3 and I'll be happy.

whoelse3843d ago

That's great but it would be even better if we could access that service off the XMB. And i'm not talking about just PlayTV.

Gam713843d ago

I would imagine the beeb would have to do their best to take it to every platform the can considering it;s publicly funded.

"Why is the BBC releasing some of its software as open source?

A. Open source software can be a great way of putting new tools in the hands of our audience. Ultimately, too, our software development is funded by the UK public - we want to do whatever gives them the best value from their television licence fee. Open source projects give the software directly back to those who've funded it. In some cases, the BBC is contributing back to an open source community that has helped it save money. Sometimes it's the best way of working together to develop a piece of software that benefits everybody.

they have to as we pay our licence fees.

Kholinar3842d ago

"they have to as we pay our licence fees."

that's a long way from "we want to do whatever gives them the best value from their television licence fee."

They want to, not have to. Ultimately it's going to depend on the price of compatibility. It SEEMS like it wouldn't be too hard to rig up the PS3 given it's browser, but they have to DRM the content so people can't keep it forever. This may be a lot harder on other consoles/platforms. Maybe even impossible or just impractical given limited funding.

The wii's use of a browser that uses a sister engine to a desktop browser probably gives it an advantage.

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