Harmonix dev on the great EU Rock Band controversy headed over to a West End night club to ask Rob Kay, director of design at Rock Band developer Harmonix, why EU gamers have to fork out so much for one of 2008's most anticipated games. The Harmix dev also offered his views on the price furore, his message to unhappy PS3 owners and his thoughts on why Guitar Hero guitars won't work with his game.

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Neurotoxin3935d ago

So basically you just feel like ripping off European`s once more. "I Paid £90 for Star Fox Back In the Day".....Now we have Multi-Hardware there is no real excuse for such a high price tag, except of course to make a **** load of margin, They probably make £5-10 on the Rock Band Full Package in North America, and £20-30 pound in Europe profit on each one they sell. I`m not sh1tting you either, i worked in the Game Sector for years, luckily i can see some websites discounting Sale Price as the Margins will allow it.

Dark_Overlord3935d ago

VAT is 17.5% not 50 f*cking percent, I don't see how they can justify it being almost double the price for the same stuff

Tempist3935d ago

Um I believe the game is the same price the only difference being a change in the currency symbol. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.

You don't charge $170 USD and then charge £85 just to keep it at the same level. Again, if you have such a problem with it, buy the instruments from North American Retailers and pay the shipping as well. Maybe then you'll notice the real price difference.

mariusmal3935d ago

sorry to say this but im not gonna get it. it's a shame that we have to pay more for less. if they do a full pack with everything and the same price as in the states, then i'll rob some old ladies for it :P

Bebedora3935d ago

It is OVER the double cost. It costs around 100 euros in the states and here it will be at about 170 euros, but then you have to buy a separate guitar to play 4-some. Another 70 euros there. It's so rediculous.

240 euro vs 100 euros. Talk about being a$$ fvked