How Visuals Are Ruining Mobile Gaming

VideoGamer: "The quest for lifelike visuals is nothing new to games, but is this ongoing goal starting to hinder the potential of the mobile market?"

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CaptCalvin2611d ago

If a mobile game can offer the same experience of the console versions you can bet that I'd prefer the mobile version. You can deny the appeal of the immediacy of having the action right in front of your face, in addition to of course the fact that you can play anywhere.

Axonometri2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Having the ability to take any game and have it play with me right in front of my face is they key. I'm not going to sit on my chair in front of my computer screen or on my couch and play the same game on a 5", 7", or 10" screen when a 22" or 55" are right in front of my face.

Two screens is the future. But not one little screen.

2611d ago
3-4-52611d ago

^ So you mean handheld gaming, which has existed via Nintendo since the 80's.

tubers2611d ago

So basically tactile control is the issue?

Well then, I bet the next iPhone press release would have details about the official gamepads licensed by Apple.

Also forgot to mention how aggressive pricing affects all of this and diminishing returns in mobile and entertainment.

Bolts2611d ago

This article is stupid as hell. The relentless leap in mobile gaming visuals is the reason why it is the future of gaming. The author clearly has no vision of what mobile gaming is set to become. The lack of good controls is minor issue that have no bearing on the future, which is that one day your tablet, PC, and cellphone will be unified into a singular platform.

That platform will be robust enough to allow you to work at your desktop, play core games on your TV, and travel with you as a tablet. It will do it all.

klecser2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

The exact same argument was given a decade ago.

What you are saying is possible, but it has to be at a price point that people will latch unto. And that hasn't happened.

If you think the lack of good controls is a "minor" issue, I challenge you to play practically any iOS game that requires precision control in any moving vehicle. It is nigh impossible. If you claim that you can do it, your next task is to realize how uncommon your abilities are.

You can play any of those games under those conditions with a Vita or 3DS because BUTTONS.

Touch controls alone will never cut it on the go, and tacking on buttons independently of the processing device makes the system unmanageable on the go. Explain to me a setup that would allow you to play games on a phone anywhere and I'll start listening. I'm expecting you to laughably fumble through setting up a phone on the seat in front of you while holding a controller on a bus. Yeah, make that one work.

The real truth here is that you are willing to sacrifice gameplay for integration. You're willing to play simpler games. Some of us are not. The day I am forced to play specific genres of games in order to have integration is the day I quit gaming.

Bolts2610d ago

You are giving up nothing for integration. Some Android tablets can be paired with gamepads via bluetooh, hell, the even the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be hooked up to a PS3 Dual Shock 3. The point isn't that you have to carry around a gamepad to play core games on the tablet or deal with crappy touch controls. But rather one day, your tablet will allow you to play casual touch control games on the go AND be powerful enough to play BF4 directly on your TV when you get home. All you have to do is drop on your tablet on the coffee table and pick up a controller that it's paired with.

Today tablets provide a second screen experience for BF4. Five years from now? They'll be the source. This reality is coming, all you have to do is open your eyes and look around.

schlanz2610d ago

Oh please. There is room for more realistic games that push the graphical capabilities of smartphones forward, as well as retro styled, cartoony, and simplistic looking games that don't focus on graphics. There are only a few developers who really push the envelope when it comes to graphics and it's ridiculous to make both the claims that 1.) these games will always have poor controls and 2.) they are the culprit behind a lack of originality since they try to copy console games.

For one, most mobile games, simplistic looking or otherwise, copy. There aren't too many truly original experiences left out there, and you could take that argument to consoles and PC games as well. That doesn't mean they can't be fun. Take Kingdom Rush, for example, a fairly straightforward TD game on iOS and Android that is a joy to play thanks to its challenging levels and high polish that lends to its charm. It's certainly not innovative but it is fun. There is no reason why a console style game can't lack innovation in gameplay yet still entertain thanks to a high level of polish and a good challenge.

As for controls I can understand the gripe but they have come a way. Floating directional buttons have been one of the best improvements. There are also options for external controllers which greatly enhance the experience; although I recognize an extra device defeats the portability aspect of mobile gaming. But I also think the use of connecting a smartphone to a big screen TV via HDMI or something like Chromecast shows a ton of potential for mobile devices. Its absolutely conceivable to imagine a mobile device with graphical prowess of a PS4 or Xbox One in less than 10 years time.. at which point it these devices will put into question the need for ANY device outside of our mobiles.

klecser2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )


I want to game on the go. I don't mind what you are describing being ADDED to the market. But if that means the end of quality mobile gaming, I'm out.

Not all of us want to game in the way you are describing.

The future? Certainly. Nothing you have said is illogical or unlikely. But you're also pretending that other forms of gaming are inferior or not worth preserving. You're acting like the typical gamer that only prioritizes what matters to them personally.