Unreal Engine 4 "years away", says Rein

Epic Games has told Eurogamer it plans to release Unreal Engine 4 alongside the next generation of hardware.

"It's just a research project today," Mark Rein, boss of Epic, told us. "Our plan is that it will be aimed at the next generation so it is many years away."

Epic technology boffin Tim Sweeney has previously said development proper will not begin until later this year. The fourth version of its engine will exclusively target new consoles, and then PCs...

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chaosatom3333896d ago

that's so LAZY. Are they going to do it after gears3 comes out or something?

Why not create a new engine and then create gears 3?

I guess we will see how gears turns out.

edhe3896d ago

New engines these days are a huge undertaking. Especially since the Unreal Engine keeps adding new features. If they how much of a difference will there be between 3.9 and 4 ?

It's best to stick with 3 until the end of this generation and unleash the new big boy when blurry is standard and consoles are supporting even more cores & RAM.

You can see from the tech demo that came with the gears announcement that they don't need to create a new version of the engine to upgrade it.