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Defective Xbox 360s - the tale continues

Mike Antonucci of San Jose Mercury News wrote:

I spent a lot of time in 2007 on the subject of defective Xbox 360s, as did my former colleague Dean Takahashi.

It was a year ago - April '07 - when I interviewed then Microsoft exec Peter Moore (now at Electronic Arts) and he responded to my question about 360 failure rates with what quickly became a famous soundbite:

"I can't comment on failure rates, because it's just not something – it's a moving target. What this consumer should worry about is the way that we've treated him. Y'know, things break, and if we've treated him well and fixed his problem, that's something that we're focused on right now. I'm not going to comment on individual failure rates because I'm shipping in 36 countries and it's a complex business."

When he said "Y'know, things break," well, I'm not sure that even registered with me until I transcribed the interview. But, oh, how that was repeated and cited around the world, often in the context of being glib to the point of cavalier.

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Lord Anubis5799d ago

i have to agree with one of the guys, if Microsoft can't reason for themselves perhaps a class action will make them understand.

chaosatom3335799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

When it really starts hurting microsoft, then they will, but it's kinda late. People haven't really boycotted the console or anything, so Microsoft is happy. Media also hasn't outspoken about it in US.

Microsoft just do these
---listen to people

---labeled which xboxs have cooler chips in them.

---get around the problem with RROD.

---Solve for other problems, other than RROD.

---Report the number of consoles that have been RRODed.

---get better customer service

---stop ripping off people

basically....just become Sony.

Atomic5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

And yet , thousands of mouth breathers continue to buy this piece of sh##t hardware each week.
some people have no standards.

Chuck Norris5799d ago

They have standards as well, just really poor ones.

5799d ago
LastDance5799d ago


People complain complain com bloody PLAIN. winge winge winge... This company owes me THIS....Another quality post HERE.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH... seriously!! nobody makes you read these posts! If you dont like it.. Get out. leave, go. Dont keep writing comments on how you have a million better things to do then read news.

le killer5799d ago Show
marinelife95799d ago

Microsoft is pathetic for putting those poor people through so many hoops.

I won't buy a 360 because I know it will eventually Red Ring. And I refuse to sit on the phone for an hour with MS customer service then wait two to three weeks (if I'm lucky) for someone else's used machine to be sent to me.

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power of Green 5799d ago

Anybody noticed when only one or two positive 360 threads are posted somebody trolls for a type of anti MSFT counter to that good news as if news is meant to be some sort of battle between rivals lol.

chaosatom3335799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

Only sony fans here.

edit below: he is the one that argues back and forth with fans. I didn't mean it in the literal sense of the word.

gamesR4fun5799d ago

Your losing it pog
news is news no matter how you feel about it and guess what negative news is gonna be reported more than positive... Especially something like this it kinda affects a lot of gamers.
I mean its not like you dont have a rrod box 2 dont you want them to fix it? Or you just like being ripped off?

Lord Anubis5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

here let me help you with your conspiracy theory.

"And then Ninjas infiltrate N4G disguised as Pre-Historic Dinosaurs just so they can go unnoticed and mate with the x360 owners."

THere you go power of green, don't bother thanking me. It was a pleasure really. With my post script addition your conspiracy theory is much more entertaining.

no but really..... :|

Honestly got mate with a dinosaur or get some fresh air. This isn't a real war.

VigorousApathy5799d ago

If it were only Sony fans here then where does all the arguing come from?

5799d ago
Bathyj5799d ago

Yeah, we're all just waiting here to troll. I notice you were the first to post. Whats a good Damage Controller make these days anyway?

Face it Green with Envy, you dont NEED Sony fans to make 360 look like poorly made hardware. M$ did such a good job of that themselves nothing else was needed.

Phil Harrison Mklll5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

Defective Xbox 360s — the tale continues

More good News EXCELLENT! :D

(p.s i say this because for over a year we(PS3 owners)have had to put up with xBot Slaves Sl*gging off the PS3 for NO reason day in and day out!)

Stupid xBots

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gamesR4fun5799d ago

but what big multinational isnt now days. The only thing they can understand is $$$ so ya if its a lawsuit lets hope its a big one...
Cause if their profit is greater than their losses chance are nothings gonna change.

InMyOpinion5798d ago

Not Sony. Sony lose money on every PS3 they manufacture. They sacrifice themselves for us gamers. They got where they are being loyal and truthful.

gamesR4fun5798d ago

Jewzo your kidding right?
i mean i luv my ps3 but doesnt mean i dont know Sony will gladly give it to me dry if they can...

InMyOpinion5798d ago (Edited 5798d ago )


Typo or...?

def LieCheatSteal(Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft):


gamesR4fun5798d ago (Edited 5798d ago )

oops Jenzo sorry typo dude
lol good to hear your not a blind fanboy way too many of those here already.

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power of Green 5799d ago

Like these trolls were waiting in here to jump on 360 fans lol. Like Sharks around a piece of meat lol. Waiting to vent on 360 fans for just *a few* positive 360 posts lol.

Lord Anubis5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

go out, hang out with people, live life. Get some fresh air. Seriously bro.

gamesR4fun5799d ago

and your here lapping it up why?
whats more you started it with your asinine conspiracy post...

I think you should take anubis's advice and step away from the keyboard get out theres more 2 life than this...

ChefDejon5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

how could you follow a company that says that about its product......... doesnt make since to me