FEAR - Due Halloween

Sierra Entertainment today announced that F.E.A.R for the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment system has gone gold and will shortly be shipped to stores.

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USMChardcharger4464d ago

this was slated for NOV. 7th. it is cool when a game get bumped forward instead of delayed.

the only other time this has happen that I CAN think of, was when ubi soft advanced the launch of GR: Summit Strike. good times

death monk4464d ago

I am kind of looking forward to this game. All of my PC gaming friends seem to love it.

USMChardcharger4464d ago

same PC friends tell me it is a must.

Ravenator5294464d ago

If you thought Condemned was freaky, wait till you play FEAR!

triniwi4464d ago

I will buy gears of war then cod 3 then maybe this.

ACE4464d ago

i will be buying f.e.a.r , call of duty 3 and gears of war , all r amazing games. theres alot more amazing games on the way on the 360 :) cant wait

THWIP4464d ago

...and I wasn't impressed. Give me a sequel to Condemned, dammit! :{

shortyNZ4463d ago

yeah condemned was awesom, i played the demo of fear, didnt do anything for me really, kinda a seen it before feeling, man download the gow comercial with that song to it, gave me tingles!

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