PC gaming flashback - 1998: A golden year

Growling Dog Games Blog posted a recent article discussing the glut of classic PC games released in 1998, excerpt below:

"Some years seem to be totally bereft of good games whereas some are absolutely chock full of AAA-grade gaming goodness. 1998 definitely fits into the latter category. In that year game developers the world over appeared to have a collective bout of divine inspiration. The end result? A miraculous 12 month period that produced some of the greatest PC games ever made…"

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DrPirate3846d ago

It was a freakishly good year for all platforms.

Gorgon3845d ago

Thief...great game. A true gem.

Tempist3845d ago

Yeah 1999 had some sweet gaming as well as 1998. You'll know why if they do an article on it.

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