The billion dollar question: Why is World of Warcraft so popular?

Growling Dog Games Blog posted a recent opinion piece relating to World of Warcraft's astonishing popularity, excerpt below:

"With over 10 million subscribers World of Warcraft has made Vivendi an awful lot of money. So how did Blizzard do it? How did they break out of the MMO niche and conquer the Holy Grail of PC gaming: the mainstream masses? For every aspiring game developer that's the billion dollar question…"

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Harry1903897d ago

forget that it is a good game.

Archaeox3897d ago

It's rather addicting

They just lose players at a slower rate


Bolts3897d ago

1. Its accessable, the previous MMO champ EQ requires a lifetime commintment and a punishing difficulty curve just get your newbie ass to the next city.

2. Stylized graphics with low system requirements. It's direct competition EQ2 requires a pretty decent machine to see all the bells and whistles and even then, it's mostly earth tones. With WoW even a lower end PC can experience bright cartoony graphics.

3. Brand name, the Warcraft brand is a RTS legend and Blizzard is the industry's gold standard in some Asian countries.

games4fun3897d ago

people like the abbreviation wow
world of warcraft sounds way better than Everquest seriously the Everquest name sounds like you'll get beat up at school while the other one is off of a successful rts that sounds good
the artistic style is better
the game usually requires the right ammount of socialization
its popular from the get go having warcraft name to biggeback off of helped alot and since so many people play you might as well see what the deal is and since so many people are online leaving might not be to much fun
also about any pc can run the game

ps i hate mmos so i dont play wow and what not these are just my reasons why

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The story is too old to be commented.