Top Five PC Games that Need Console Ports

Kyle from Lifeofahome writes:

"If anything could put console-based mmo's on the map it's this. Blizzard launched this MMORPG giant in 2004 and it's been on fire since. It currently has versions for Windows and Mac OS X."

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decapitator3848d ago

I could totally see wow coming to consoles at some point in the future since Activision is part of them now and Activision want to stay competitive with EA on the MMO front.

Yi-Long3848d ago

... I would like to see

- A HD, 3d version of Sim City 4 (or REAL sequal to SC4)
Imagine building your own cities, regions, sharing them online, and maybe even being able to play through your own cities in 3d, walking, driving etc... or using it with lots of other players online at the same time. Even have your own appartment in your own built Sim City, etc etc. That would be awesome. And ofcourse, there are countless possibilities, like amusementparks, big zoos with databases about the animals, etc etc.

- A console version of Flight Simulator, where you share the sky with fellow Xbox Live players (or on PS3), gorgeous settings, airfields, lots of different aircrafts to play with, etc etc.

- Monkey Island 1 & 2, remade in HD (still keeping it 2d and in the same style as the originals), and with great voiceacting and an updated soundtrack. Those games are just my all-time favorites. They deserve to be played and enjoyed by a new generation, and us old gamers deserve to revisit it.

- Motorhead. Because I loved that racing game, and it's made by DICE and I'd love it if they'd make a new racinggame again, as they're brilliant at trackdesign. It always just looks gorgeous

callahan093848d ago

Deus Ex came out for the Playstation 2, and that's the system I played it on.

It works on the PS3, as well, if you can find it.

Though it would be super awesome to get a new next-gen style remake of the game for consoles.

toughNAME3848d ago

Sooner or later...they're all coming

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The story is too old to be commented.