CryEngine 2 VS Real-Life (Video)

You may have read about the future of CryEngine 2 that was posted and seen the video demonstrating some of the tweaks to CryEngine 2. Well, I've gone through the video and synced it up with the Sony Bravia advert which is seems based upon. The likeness is amazing, almost scary.

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theox2g73848d ago

console fanboy
insert "hateful/ignorant pc comment"
eg. "ZOMG, $5000 pc, pc gaming iz doomed"

pc elitist asshole
insert "arrogant/foolish console comment"
eg. "ps3 is POS and so is the rRoD, everything has to be dumbed down for console kiddies"

oh wait, we barely have any pc guys on here, too bad, but it's ok.

Kulupoo3848d ago

dude why dont u post ur comment on Open zone?
anyway... is a pretty cool video, to really match photo realistic i think it need abit more AA and better shadow?

Charlie26883848d ago

@Kulupoo: sadly theox2g7 is right any thread that is remotely connected to PC gaming has become a pc gaming bashfest with some of THE most ignorant comments that show how the majority of people here have -1 clue on how the PC scene works and complete and usual console of choice justification with even more made up "facts" and "experiences"

its even worse when those bashers start to pretend and utterly lie that they know about PC gaming and make up their "$10.000 rig" "I have to upgrade every month", "I am a professional (Insert something related with gaming) so I know PC gaming sucks"
and ALL the other crap -_-

The Fungus3848d ago

I'm not going to report or anything, but I swear I've seen this before. At least a few months ago.

Oh well. Its still a neat video XD

kcdude3848d ago

Wow "Real Life" has really good graphics! When does that game come out? XD

wibble3848d ago

It's been out for quite some time. I don't like it. You get arrested if you shoot people.

and it hurts like mad when they shoot back.

Says you3848d ago

and of course if they have an operating system thats from a corporation that doesn't have any working of anything and uses too much memory on the PC and that goes for anything on that platform and if you think PC is so much better it even lags just like its associate you might know it, its the one that breaks alot!.

Frances-the-Mute3848d ago

cryengine has nothing on real life lol

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The story is too old to be commented.