Alice: Otherlands Needs Your Help With Only 43 Hours Left!

American McGee and Lulu are calling Alice fans to support Alice: Otherlands in the final hours of the Kickstarter. Alice: Otherlands only has 43 hours left and still needs another $25,000 to be fully funded. American has already acquired the film rights to the ‘Alice’ property, and plans to start working on a series of animated shorts based on the ‘Alice: Otherlands’ concept.

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sherimae24131993d ago

i love alice and the concept of the game....

im sorry, i cant backed a game that is not coming to my desired platform :(

GentlemenRUs1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

So umm, Is this going to be a Movie or a Game?

and if its a game... All that DLC!!! Sad really...


Ah right ok, This article would have been better suited on "Filmwatch".

Dagobert1993d ago

It's a CG movie. Pretty much American wants to secure the rights to Alice is what he stated in the kickstarter which I hope he does.

Dagobert1993d ago

I backed this, even if it's not a game but having American McGee's Alice become more popular is good enough for me so we can hopefully see another Alice game. I love the twisted world in Alice and the whole puzzle platformer aspect to it.