Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer footage escapes beta

Two high definition playthroughs of Killzone: Mercenary Warzone matches, including the Zenith map.

neoMAXMLC3912d ago

Even though I already got hands on time back during E3... I still can't freaggin' believe this is on the Vita.

Gazondaily3912d ago

Yeah this really makes me want to get a VITA. Looks great and a lot of fun.

imahustla193912d ago

this is worth getting the Vita. im in the beta going on right now and the game is amazing can't put it down while im at work lol.

SonyStyled3912d ago

you might as well pick one up now and get through a few great titles you missed

USMC_POLICE3912d ago

I love how you already have one disagree must be a jealous halo fan. Jk

OlgerO3912d ago

Yeah man we never had something like this on a handheld

Ju3912d ago

Seeing this the second time now. It still blows me away. Can't wait for this game.

Aceman183912d ago

this is how a FPS is suppose to look and play on a handheld. this would not be possible on a phone or tablet physical controls will always be the different between handhelds and other mobile devices.

thechosenone3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I would have thought it was running on the PS3 it looks that good. :O

3912d ago
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sherimae24133912d ago

its still hard to believe this is a vita game... hope guerilla cambridge's next project is still a vita game ^_^

Kingthrash3603912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

pleasure overload. I got the home beta code ..i cant wait. a friend of mine is on right now.....teasing me with his joy.

bigcupofSTFU3912d ago

quick,question When does the home beta start? i got a code earlier from a good friend of mine

Kingthrash3603912d ago

sometime at the end of the month...
in other words, an ETERNITY!

windblowsagain3912d ago

Looks great, Wonder if the gameplay is smooth enough.

Hopefully steady 30fps.

mafiahajeri3912d ago

Its smooth havent had any frame rate issues.

Sheikah3912d ago

Same experience for me.. Had someone lagging in my game, but that's it.. That's him having a piss-poor latency, and nothing to do with the vita ;).

It plays awesomely, though. Can't wait for this.

H4all3912d ago

Great Developer.. ♥♥♥