Gold Before Silver on Xbox Live

According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, today's Gears of War ad exclusivity is indicative of the company's future plans for service differentiation.

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TOM4468d ago

The next thing I would like them to consider is when they give those cheap-ass silver members a free week of glod the the true gold memebers should get a extra week added to thier acount.

DEIx15x84468d ago

That always annoys me, we pay for it and they get to slow our speeds down for free without giving us anything in return.

LK4468d ago

if they want it sooner than pay for it like everyone else.

tackleb0x4468d ago

So you dont subscribe to the premium service but you expect premium content? And this is news? I'm calling fileplanet right now and demanding I dont have to wait in line to download.

DEIx15x84468d ago

Does anyone with a silver account know if the artists of the month are available to you? That is one of the things that they said were going to be for gold members only.

Morbius4204468d ago

But I have a silver account because i don't like to game online. I don't mind waiting longer for the downloads though and it's only fair that Gold members get first shot at everything.

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