Why Not Reintroducing The Xbox One is a Mistake

Ever since the Xbox One was revealed it faced much criticism, but much has changed now- a reintroduction of the Xbox One would have been nice.

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Dunpeal3716d ago

No. It's like a scab. If you keep picking at it, it will make it worse. Best to leave it alone. Same applies here. Sure, they might improve their situation slightly in the short run, but the underlying implications of a re-reveal would be a massive and irreversible blow to their brand image, which actually counts for a lot.

iamnsuperman3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I can see your point but there is the problem of getting the average user (who do not go on these gaming sites) to understand so much has changed since its reveal (which hit mainstream press because A it is a new Microsoft console and B there was a lot of controversy surrounding it). They may not need to do this through a conference but they need to advertise the fact the Xbox One doesn't require to be online all the time anymore

darthv723716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

@superman...i agree, but the average 'user' (who do not go on these gaming sites) would not really be aware of the xb1's reveal to begin with.

Mainstream press in the gaming world differs from mainstream press the rest of the world over.

Now the average 'gamer' would know about the reveal and more than likely know about the policy changes even if they dont frequent gaming sites. this is because of the trickle down effect that occurs.

i do feel that if Ms did make some sort of reintroduction couldnt hurt but its understandable if they are wanting to ride the current than risk making any additional waves with how their information is perceived.

JokesOnYou3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Yeah I know alot of people who aren't hardcore gamers who "heard" about the drm mess but I think a re-introduction would do more harm than good. Advertising now is the key because the hardcore already know and ads will both inform those who don't know and "show off" the brand/games are about now.

Despite all the negativity X1 has overall higher exclusive preorder game sales than the competition according to a analyst using NPD and Amazon data that tells me things are moving in the right direction, they just need to advertise to gain more momentum.

Thantalas3716d ago

'Reintroducing' doesn't mean having another May-style reveal conference. It means going to Gamescom in Germany, having a confident press conference of substance. Talking directly to future customers. Showing us great games and talking about all the good things that the Xbox One can do. Showing us the new dashboard, new achievements system, game DVR, live streaming, new indie dev policy, everything that is good to get gamers excited. If Microsoft do that then it will be a new positive welcome for the Xbox One that everyone can get behind. :)

golding893716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

MS do not need to reintroduce it.. It will only confuse people.

Let their ads inform the public. that's the best way to do it at this point.

Most individuals out there are not reading up on gaming blogs as us minority gamers. So most likely, they never knew of any negativity.

I am sure MS will be fine.

ichimaru3716d ago

makes it worse for who? any one staying informed has heard about the policy changes. the uninformed aren't likely to watch a gaming conference to begin with. good marketing can inform the casual gamers. a reintroduction is,, fire the media, if any one, so that they can force feed it to the casuals with more spins and opinions

Grown Folks Talk3716d ago

Anybody attending or keeping up with Gamescon already knows the changes. There's no point in doing it.

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