Killzone's multiplayer is poisonous and I love it

I initially scoffed towards every bit of this explanation of Killzone: Mercenary's multiplayer systems. I don't much care for multiplayer, so why should I care that offline singleplayer progress yields weapons and stats that can go towards multiplayer? Well, while I may not care, it's sort of a neat idea and could keep people playing Killzone offline, out and about, to abet their online performance.More important, however, is valor cards.

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Mikey322303474d ago

... wait wtf did i just read?

Gamesgbkiller3474d ago

I hope the open beta is soon.

Can't wait to get really impressed by the game.

xReDeMpTiOnx3474d ago

Well all the good I've heard from this game renews my hope that killzone Shadowfall mp will be as good or better than kz2.

As long as its not kz3 quality then I'm happy.

Wish I still had a vita for this game :/

joab7773474d ago

K3 was a great multiplayer but I do hope that next gen brings back the open platform nature of K2. Mercs looks amazing. The only annoying thing is that woman's voice every 5 sec. Gotta change it. But it definitely proves that there is hope for mobile online fps.

HammadTheBeast3474d ago

The brought back in the old gameplay designer of KZ2, so I have high hopes.

xReDeMpTiOnx3474d ago

Yes sit Eric boltjes or aka Ebolt is back as lead mp dev.

So I also have hopes for it, this time they need to listen to hardcore fans and not try to appease to casuals.

Salooh3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Must play , Vita is great but if you are interested in big games like this game then don't buy the vita. It will disappoint you . But if you can wait after buying it then go for it. It just need more time to release the big stuff ..

This is the only game for this year. The rest either ports that have more then 50% that you played them or small games or indies or mobile games or PSP/PS1 games. Of cours , there are few that worth playing but not really a system sellers. This is how the vita doing without mentioning the limitations / Prices and low numbers of Apps..

Trust me , you can get over all of this if you saw the games you like. Ones you see that you will love the vita dispite of all these negatives that can be fixed ..

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The story is too old to be commented.