PS Vita hardware potential after Killzone Mercenary

If you were in any doubt as to how good Killzone Mercenary is really looking on the PS Vita, we think we have the video which will end all fears. The game has been hyped up as one of the first games to truly show off what the Vita hardware can do, and it looks like that hype has been justified. The game looks incredible.

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ShugaCane3774d ago

A few years ago I'd never have thought it would be possible to have such stellar graphics on handheld. Technology is fascinating lol. Good Job Guerilla. You have all my admiration. Can't wait for this and Shadow Fall.

ArchangelMike3774d ago

My goodness, is that really running on a Vita? It looks awesome! COD:Declassified and Resistance Burning Skies devs wake up a take notice.

ZodTheRipper3774d ago

It almost looks too good to be true. If this is really direct-feed Vita gameplay it shows that the potential for this device is still to be unfold. You could sell that as a PS3 game and people wouldn't notice, it looks better than the PS3 launch lineup and certainly better than every other PS Vita game.

Majin-vegeta3774d ago

I wanna see GG take a shot at the Resistance franchise and if they do good.Sony should hand the the Resistance IP to them too continue.

*Imagines Resistance multiplayer with KZ2 like features*


dredgewalker3774d ago

This doesn't look like a portable console game! I'm definitely getting this for my Vita!

Death3774d ago

This definately looks like a must have for my Vita.

Chapster3774d ago

This game looks better than some ps3 games. I can't wait to get my hands on this gem.

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Guerrilla Announces Shutdown of Servers for Killzone: Shadow Fall and More

In August, online servers for several PlayStation games will shut down, leaving their multiplayer functions unplayable.

purple101497d ago

whrere on earth is the next killzone, im soooOOO thirsty for some proper weighted, (but still fast when running/sprinting) fps gamplay, it felt sooso so good on ps3, with that, lets be honest, very small, quite uncomfortable sixaxis dualshock controller, that was just too small for western sized hands, ok for japanese kids i suppose was the point>??

now with PS5 controller, it would be totally masterfull.

ClayRules2012497d ago

I hear you. I want some NEW Killzone, especially on PS5, with the PS5 DualSense controller with that ever so impressive DualSense of an experience Haptic feedback!

Knowing how far Guerrilla has come since Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone can only benefit greatly from their ever growing talent!!

Bobertt496d ago

I think Sony has given up on their exclusive shooters. They haven't released a remaster for the Resistance series or a new SOCOM game either. I don't think Guerilla is in a rush to make Killzone since they have Horizon now too :(.

497d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box497d ago

All I want is for them to build Killzone 2 with multiplayer included from the ground up, keep the gameplay the same, and I'll be happy.

GG with KZ3 and Shafowfall haven't been able to match KZ2 so I don't really have faith in another sequel.

Unfortunate that KZ2 came out during COD era where every game that didn't pay like Modern Warfare was deemed garbage. KZ2's multiplayer is definitely an all time great.

Michiel1989497d ago

since when was kz2 deemed garbage?

MizHDTV497d ago

Right on dude
KZ2 was just a special game to me