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Microsoft dominates Gamescom hall

Gamescom the European E3 kicks of in Cologne, Germany later this month and over 600 companies will be exhibiting the latest in computer and video game hardware and software. The finalised maps of the three main halls have been released with the console manufacturers and the biggest publishers in Halle 5.2.

Microsoft has reserved the most floorspace, it has two adjacent stands. Ubisoft, Nintendo, Take 2 and Sony will also have large exhibitor stands.

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Community3970d ago
core_53970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

this is just the business area, not the entertainment floor

here the overall map.

Sony and Microsoft are in separate halls for the public.

Ron_Danger3970d ago

I can't believe people disagreed with you.

awesomeperson3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

There seems to be an influx of Xbox Fanboy/Troll accounts recently - that's most likely why.

On another note, I just realised the site is handytips, i.e. the site which brought us the rumour yesterday about Xbox One's "reannouncement" (later denied).

It seems as if this website has an agenda - and I certainly won't be giving them hits.

xHeavYx3970d ago

Isn't Microsoft's event private anyways?

iBlackyi3970d ago

Well thats N4G. Logic of the most people: If you dont like what you see - disagree.

Ezz20133970d ago

he have links to back him up, commen sense, logic

those are enough reasons to get disagrees on N4G

mewhy323970d ago

It makes sense that micro$oft would want a big space. They need a rally after the disaster that was E3.

StoutBEER3970d ago

E3 wasnt bad. Their first announcement was. E3 had games games games. What took place after E3 is what angered people.

bangshi3970d ago

BTW, MS will have a larger area because they'll have a large section for COD: Ghosts.

MS hosted BO2 last year and will be doing the same this year for Ghosts, and BO2 took up a massive area.

GraveLord3970d ago

Fanboys. Who knows how they think.

admiralvic3969d ago

@ Gravelord

Fanboys. Who knows IF they think.

Fixed it for you.

3969d ago
Mounce3969d ago

They disagreed with him because he brought Evidence and Logic to the table, and that kind of thing infuriates the Wishful-Xbox fanboys who just are on a Cole Train of Hopes and Dreams that Microsoft makes everything better and tucks them into bed.

Seriously, delusional and deranged....

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slimeybrainboy3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Yeah, good spot. It says Halle 5.2 so I guess that means that it's a business area. It looks like theres Hall 4 and maybe 5.1 too. Sony arent going to show up to gamescom with up to 12 games to reveal and not have any space. There's nothing to see here.

iBlackyi3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

You are trolling, right? You only need a press conference to reveal games and no skyscraper. Also this is only one area, and not everything as Tripe_Down already said.

Mr Pumblechook3970d ago

There are two more halls but Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are located in 5.2.

Hall 5.2: (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo)
Hall 4.1:
Hall 4.2

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo do not have duplicate exhibition stands for the press and public.

On the 21st August all three halls are open to the press only.
On the 22nd August Gamescon opens to the public and they can attend all three halls including 5.2 featuring Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony.

yourfather3969d ago

And people just ignore you
Yup,"just read what they wanna read"

Rimeskeem3969d ago

This wont stop sony from continuously throwing game after game at MS until they hurt again

kenshiro1003969d ago

Apparently, your link is absolutely wrong./s

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PraxxtorCruel3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Money talks bull**** walks.

MWong3970d ago

M$ is trying to make a big impression at GamesCom. Which is something they need to do a lot of gamers still have that bad taste in their mouth from E3 & M$ launch event.

I already know what M$ will say in the behind closed doors media event. "We listened to our loyal fanbase" and reversed our vision. When they start talking about Indie support, they will say something like "Indie games are the backbone of the industry, we support them."

dennett3163970d ago

I think the click-bait articles are reaching a new low at this point. Trying to stir up Us vs Them crap with a game show flooring plan?
You can tell that's what they're trying to do with the language used...."dominates". Games sites are just as much to blame for the current climate of fanboy nonsense as the actual fanboys are.

Insomnia_843970d ago

Yes...I didn't even click on the link but decided to make a soft joke about the tittle lol

slimeybrainboy3970d ago

My console has more boothbabes than yours.

rainslacker3969d ago

I think fanboys and bad websites have a reciprocal relationship. The sites feed off the fanboy(and people who like to get worked up) need for something to discuss, and the sites give the fanboys something to discuss.

It's not all the presses fault. If people would stop visiting reactionary pieces, they'd be forced to do some real journalism to be relevant.

Insomnia_843970d ago

So it looks like you will need even more space to play kinect 2.0 2x the space....


Master-H3970d ago

Nice flamebait title there..