Jstars Victory Vs - Video Breakdown

Today Youtuber ShonenGameZ breaks down the recent J Stars Victory Versus trailer! This game will most likely not see US release, but the game is not region locked (as most Japanese PS3 games aren't). The breakdown goes deep into classifying each character by character types, ranges, and abilities!

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JasonXE2883d ago

This is an actual breakdown, not someone talking about how cool the game is like the review posted yesterday.

2883d ago
TheGameTagerZ2883d ago

This is pretty decent actually

HystericalGamez2883d ago

Hope you guys enjoy! I watched the entire trailer frame by frame and picked it apart! Got a lot of information here!

PositiveEmotions2883d ago

I dont see the point of the breakdown lol its pretty obvious on the characters ranges styles.

JasonXE2883d ago

Then don't watch it, this video doesn't just cover their range types.

I've seen you shitposting in forums and other places, please don't come and do it here as well.

PositiveEmotions2883d ago

I rarely comment on this lol but i had to let it out..

I usually comment on the ps4 articles.