What OUYA Means for The Future of Gaming

A Kickstarter success story to the tune of $6.8 million dollars, the OUYA threatens (or teases) to change the gaming industry as we know it — in more ways than one, notes NPR. Although the “little cube that could” is only in its infancy, big developments are in store. The OUYA is more than just the “Kia” of video game consoles, it’s a chance to expand the gaming world, a way for players to evolve and a jumping point for non-monopolized progress.

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Bigpappy2980d ago

It means mobile games are not for the console market.

cl19832980d ago

It means another successful kickstarter fails.

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zeal0us2980d ago

Given that only 27% of the people that brought Ouya actually brought games it means the future of Ouya is pretty grim. Sadly I see indie developers moving to different platforms rather than stick with Ouya.

Kevlar0092980d ago

I'm calling this article out by saying OUYA is all talk
So if I'm an Indie Dev I'll get better exposure because there's less competition and by some magical fairy dust I'll get better sales than by being on PS4, WiiU, or Xbone?

OUYA hopes that by glorifying Indie Devs they will flock to it because it makes them feel good. The only thing it has going for it is that it's not owned by a major company, meaning Uhrman will do anything, even out of desperation to make OUYA a success. It has big ambitions but I'm just not seeing how will attain them. OUYA is neat idea but this article is reaching too high

Maybe in a year or two I'll eat my words, but the logic side of me just says stay away. If you like OUYA by all means enjoy it, no disrespect to you or even Uhrman.

McScroggz2980d ago

I wouldn't call the Ouya a success for Kickstarter. It's not a complete disaster or a sham, but it's far from what most wanted or expected. Honestly I don't see how Ouya will impact the gaming industry in the slightest. What it offers is either available more prominently on other platforms or negligible compared to the inconveniences.

When we get right down to it, the Ouya is a devkit for Android gaming. I don't know how easy or difficult it is to develop for the Android platform, but considering the iOS market coupled with the already easily crackable Android systems I wouldn't imagine it would be too difficult.

As far as emulators go the PC is a readily available and more reliable/powerful system. Being able to play emulated games through the Ouya on a TV is nice and all, but instead of paying $100 for the console I could pay $10 for an HDMI cable to connect a PC to the TV.

And "modern" gaming on the Ouya is its biggest weakness. The majority of games that aren't in the emulator category are ports of games on the mobile market already. There's little reason to believe there will be any sort of rush of new gaming experiences built around the Ouya.

Honestly I know I'm being very harsh about the Ouya. It's not that I want the system to fail, it's just that I see absolutely no reason for it to exist. The one thing it seems it's good for is applications, but between the consoles we have, the consoles coming out, smart TV's and devices like Roku it seems pretty shaky for the Ouya to stand on applications as a major reason to buy the device. Something like the Oculus Rift, even though I have my own doubts about it, actually has a potential place in the market however niche it may start out as.

I just feel the Ouya has no real place in the market.

ziggurcat2980d ago

"What OUYA Means for The Future of Gaming"

absolutely nothing.

because it's a piece of garbage.

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