Hardware Wii U - A Well Kept Secret

Every generation consoles one of the most interesting questions is about the hardware capability of these, however, in the case of the Wii U, consumers are facing a secret.

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Concertoine1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

All i know is the wii u's hardware is considerably more powerful than what i have, and is capable of delivering quality gaming at great resolution and framerate.
The system is clearly not trying to be a ps4 or xbox one, and while i understand the accusations of it being underpowered, i respect its individuality and inventiveness :)

josephayal1904d ago

The Wii u is the ultimate gaming system


Great system but, at least so far, definitely not the ultimate gaming system

1904d ago
herbs1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

In regards to memory speeds both the GameCube and Wii used dual channel access doubling the memory speeds which is mentioned in this article as a rumor. I'm certain if Nintendo used this setup on there older systems then they would have again or increased it to the quad channel layout which could also be the case.

The CPU in the Wii U is definitely its weak point however at least some of the load is taken off by the forth background ARM CPU and the sound chip leaving the 3 Espresso cores strictly for gaming purposes.

Nintendo hardware is always sold at a profit and they almost always seem to be able to take less powerfull components and somehow get higher than percieved specs through clever engineering and layout making for overall balanced systems.

The pinnacle of engineering is being able to do more with less which is something Nintendo strives for (also profit). Just my 2 cents

pedrof931903d ago

Well Xbox smartglass, Ps app and Vita second screen kinda will do that too.

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kagamer791904d ago

I may be terribly wrong, but from what i read it seems that you have no clue as to what the hell you're talking about lol. Then again your grammar was so bad maybe i just didn't get what you were saying.

gamer421904d ago

"your grammar was so bad maybe i just didn't get what you were saying."

It's a portugese article translated by google translate, what did expect?

N4g_null1904d ago

bad article... the specs and how it all works is wrong also. its best to let the games speak for themselves. was expecting some new info so we could all get around some ndas lol. too bad no tech discussion today.

nothing to see here move along.