Strategy Informer: Gothic Universe Review

Matt Keller of Stragegy Informer writes: "Gothic Universe combines the first three Gothic games into one convenient package for a slightly higher than budget price. The good thing about the package is that unlike many of the lesser, cheap game series compilations, it actually contains a jewel case for your game discs. Also of note is the fact that the game includes the gold edition of Gothic II, which contains the original game and the Night of the Raven expansion. Other than that, the Gothic Universe package is very anemic – you just get the game discs, and a copy of the Gothic 3 manual – everything else is in digital form. It's a bit of a shame given that they could do so much more for a series package for games the size of the Gothic titles – why not bump up the price and throw in some playguides, soundtracks or something like that to make it that little bit more special? Fortunately, the games in the package are rather good."

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