The Walking Dead: Assault Review | Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid: "In the spirit of the comic book, I’m going to abstain from using the zed word for this review. You know the one I mean. Personally, I relish the opportunity, as I’m sick to undeath of the trope. Besides, the gameplay in The Walking Dead: Assault is standout enough that to lump it with the banal would do the game a terrible disservice. Sure, there are swarms of reanimated corpses moaning “Uhnngh,” but this is not just another riff on the same. At heart, The Walking Dead: Assault is a masterfully-executed squad-based tactical game that happens to have—ahem—walkers as the central antagonists. It would probably still be fun if the enemies were spiders or Nazis or whatever, but matched to a great IP with style out the ying-yang, what you’ve got here is a hit that deserves hyping."

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