Haze Interview: Exclusivity Not Free Radical's Decision

Ripten interviews Rob Yescombe on Haze's exclusivity:

"It's hard to put exclusivity disputes to rest. What's worrying is that there are disputes - anger and seriousness over the possibility of losing a game to the "competition." There's been buzz around Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock, and most certainly HAZE.

Free Radical's script writer, Rob Yescombe, attempts to put the bickering to rest in this interview we held at Sony's Playstation 3 Rooms."

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Blademask4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Cares. I'll try it once its out. But stop with the hype van.

Asurastrike4478d ago

This game can hardly be compared to losing big games like MGS4, or Bioshock.

Most PS3 owners will skip this game because it comes out right after GTAIV, and right before MGS4.

okcomputer4478d ago

Yea tell me about it.. to even mention it in the same sentence as those aaa franchises seems wrong. From the vids i've seen Haze looks like a gimmicky halo clone. I hope I'm wrong and it really does live up to the hype, but i seriously doubt it after what i've seen so far.

Clinton5144478d ago

Two different games, two different genres.

I can't see GTA IV directly eating into sales of this game.

Palodios4478d ago

It may not be the best looking game, but Free Radical has a really good reputation in my books, and their games have relied on incredible gameplay. Also remember that Ubisoft delayed the game, not FRD, because they already had a nice bit of profit for last fiscal year.

Whether you like it or not, it will be the FIRST ps3 shooter with bots in multiplayer, which is what excites me the most about it.

GiantEnemyCrab4478d ago

when is it coming to the 360 again? Can't wait for it!

Enough with the console exlcusives, every game should be on every platform.

(Don't hate me for saying this just taking the advice from the PS3 folks in the Bioshock 2 article)

Spydr074478d ago

I'm confused about the number of disagrees here. I'm sure you would all hate playing Halo, Bioshock, Gears, SMG, SSBM, Mario Kart, Zelda, etc on the PS3. Yup, sure would suck.

mikeslemonade4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Umm because multiplatform hurts the potential of games. Look at Assasin's Creed and DMC4. Both of those games ran out of time because they were developing for all 3 (PC included). Also just look at the scores of exclusive games and multiplatform games. In 2007 the only AAA game that was developed for PC, 360, and PS3 is COD4.

No I do not want to play Mario or Halo on my PS3. I want there to be games that defines the system and take advantage of the system. Believing everything should be multiplatform is one step closer to a monopoly that is a one console future.

Spydr074478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

How is that? The only problem with doing it right now is the learning curve to develope on the PS3. Since the 360 and windows are so close in their architecture, that's not a huge strain on developers for porting. This is easily seen by the number of "360 exclusives" that are also available on the PC. So, it's basically the PS3's architecture that hurts multi-plat releases?

Also, do you have a link that says those games were either rushed to be released or that they ran out of time and had to release them as they were? Or is that simply your opinion?

mikeslemonade4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Because Assasins Creed is broken. It was clear they focused on the engine, the maps, and the climbing and tacked on some GTA gimmicks. In DMC4 half of the game is backtracking and they just tacked on Dante for the last half of the game. Let me ask you this do you want to play DMC4, Assasins Creed, Enchanted Arms, or Ninja Gaiden 2, Uncharted, and Lost Odyssey? See my point the exclusive games are better.

Spydr074478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Odd how you compare it to GTA, a hugely successful game despite copying the exact same formula over and over again with little to no innovation whatsoever. But how does that make Assassin's Creed broken? Again, where are links stating this? I liked Assassin's Creed just fine. I played the game for what it was and didn't expect anything else out of it. I guess every game that gets an 81 average is broken?

Same thing goes for DMC4. I don't ever remember hearing how the game was being rushed and the devs were being pressured to get the game out. Unless you show me links stating this, I have no reason to take what you say as anything other than your opinion. How do you know that the devs didn't actually intend the game to be that way? You don't. And if it was so bad, then why did it score as well or better than all of the DMCs after the original? (since you brought up review scores)

So, no links, no cookies. Sorry, but based off of your logic, I think that every Madden game is rushed and that's why there is no real innovation in the games. It's the same formula over and over again. Same goes for GTA games and those weren't multiplat. GTA had to have been rushed since they obviously only focused on a new story, threw some different car models, a few bikes, and called it a done deal. You know how many games keep or steal elements from past games? I see no problem with AC taking some elements from GTA. Lord knows Rockstar took aspects from other games when they made GTA.

What's more likely true is that you have no real idea what you're talking about. I could just as accurately say the reason Dante's part in DMC4 had a lot of backtracking in it was because it was written that way. That it was just how the storyline unfolded. See, I'm just blowing smoke out of my wazoo. But it's no different than what you're doing by telling me what devs were thinking and doing when they made these games.

Going multiplat isn't the problem; it's the PS3's architecture. Most companies just don't admit it. Rockstar did though, now didn't they? Games developed solely on the PS3 have gotten substantial delays (Haze anyone?).

And yes, I'd like to play all of those games on one console. It would save me loads of money. Every last gen game can be played on the PC as it is.

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THC CELL4478d ago

U just asked when this game is coming to x box 360
well mate u are in luck

it will/maybe come to xbox 360 but please please don't cry cause its dumbed down from the ps3 version

ThaGeNeCySt4478d ago

oh how I wish games were still $50.... (excluding Wii games)

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