Bioshock 2 Bound for PS3 (and Wii)?

Kotaku recently posted some interesting news about job postings from 2K Marin. They have multiple open job listings for BioShock 2 positions specify PlayStation 3, Xbox, and Wii as the intended platforms.

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Fishy Fingers4242d ago

Hope so. Bioshock one was fantastic, I was fortunate enough to play it on a nice PC, but everyone should get to play this, PS3, wii, 360, PC, whatever.

The more Bioshock the merrier!

Silellak4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Indeed! Down with exclusive hoarding. Great games should be experienced by as many gamers as possibles - even those who can only afford a single system.

+Bubble for you, good sir.

reckoner4242d ago

This would be awesome. Bioshock is a great game.

fenderputty4242d ago

of PS3 fanboys yelling stuff like, "we don't care about Bioshock ... keep it ... yada yada etc etc."

to me this seems insane. While I understand why an xbox fan would want to keep the game exclusive to their platform, I don't see why anyone would want to turn down the chance to play this game.

I sure know that if Bioshock 2 (prequel) is PS3 bound, I'll be getting it.

C_SoL4242d ago

unless Mircosoft writes another $check$....I wouldn't be surprized

The Wood4242d ago

I think the ps3 guys didn't care about halo and mass effect. Bioshock was quite kool despite it being another FPS type game. The graphics and art style were memorable. Iron out the problems and the sequel, even if it stays exclusive to the 360, should be a stella game. Im not speaking for all PS3 fans don't get me wrong but from what I've read most PS3 fans would prefer that game other the other 2 I mentioned.

Torch4242d ago

Yeah, I bought the title at Christmas, and it's since been installed on my PC virtually unscathed.

Well, not true: I managed to swim through the burning wreckage and to the building, and down the elevator, and save the game.

Even during those meaningless five-ten minutes, I got a sense of it being a beautiful, intriguing game. The 'Under the Sea' background music was a nice added touch.

I'm almost scared to delve into it, because I have a feeling it's going to reel me in...been too busy ever-so-slowly chewing on the myriad of my yet-to-be-played PS3 titles, not to mention what I've got pre-ordered this month and the next.

This article's got me intrigued to fire it up you recall roughly how long the game is?

chaosatom3334242d ago

My interest just went down.
Probably the #1 reason it wasn't made for ps3 in the first place.

fenderputty4242d ago

Trust me man ... there were plenty of Die Hards trying to piss on the game simply because it wasn't going multiplat. I understand these are not rational PS3 fans but, they did exist.

I really hope it comes over to the PS3. Maybe I'm greedy but, I don't care. Quality games are always welcome to my console of choice.

Fishy Fingers4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

What? What? What?! Torch, I highly recommend you give it a second chance, it will definitely reel you in, hook, line and sinker. But do it soon I implore you. With the impending release of GTA and MGS, poor old Bioshock doesn't stand a chance.

Hell, what are you doing on N4G? Put that mouse to better use mister!

Id say maybe 15-20 hours. Closer to 15 for the experienced gamer.

GiantEnemyCrab4242d ago

Agreed! Indeed down with console exlcusive hording!

So when is MGS4 coming to the 360 again?? Can't [email protected]

OHHHHH but wait a minute... I can already here the "F U" from the commentors.. Share the 360 "exclusives" but F U if you want MGS4 on the 360.

Jesus I hate PS3 hypocrites.

The Wood4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

but that was probably something to do with the fact it was meant to come and didnt so maybe some were a little bitter but Im sure deep down they respected Bioshock more than any other 360 exclusive other than gears.


You make a good and funny point that can be reversed. I personally would prefer if exclusives stayed exclusive. We should not pine every exclusive that the other console has. If you want a particular exclusive then buy the bloody console end off.

You either buy a BMW or a Mercedes. Dont expect to get all of the Mercs features in your Beemer or vice versa that's my opinion

↓↓↓ I agree with you also ↓↓↓

Fishy Fingers4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Bioshock is running on a multiplatform engine (UE), it was exclusive because someone paid. A true exclusive is built from the ground up on that system.

Bioshock going PS3 will not effect the 360 version in anyway, the same cannot be said for "true" exclusives like MGS or Too Human which have been built to take advantage of a certain machine.

yesah4242d ago

uhh actually MGS4 is on a 50 gig disc, soo pretty much not possible to put on a 17 gig Dvd, thank god Konami didnt downgrade it so that it could.

Also its not the people who owns the consoles decision, its the game developers so........your post makes no sense.

NO_PUDding4242d ago

I won't say I don't think it should be made for PS3.

But I genuinely don't want it. By the way, don't just read a part of this post, read it all.

I think Bioshock is totally pretentious. It makes it even worse, becuase it was never intended to be, but the people calling it a masterpiece just show me how pathetic this generation has been so far, in terms of games. It's a shooter, and I played the pivotal parts, but I am waiting for it to actually effect me, in a way, that doesn't make me feel like I am losing IQ.

NOW... not that it is a masterpiece, but I think the depth that went into Mass Effect made it a title I would much prefer become avaiable to PS3 users than Bioshock. I loved Mass Effect, even thoguh it was as mainstream as they come.

hazeblaze4242d ago

Well personally I prefer for exclusives to stay exclusive. What's the point in having different systems if they all have the same games. That's why I really applaud Sony and their first party devs... with the exception of Bioshock and Mass Effect, Sony has truly had the most impressive exclusives on their system this gen.

Having exclusives makes it fun to own different systems though. Personally I feel that the 360 needs more quality exclusives, not to lose some of the best they have. If Bioshock AND Mass Effect go multiplat, I'll be kinda dissapointed.

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Silellak4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

The PS3 version doesn't surprise me. The Wii version does.

I wouldn't think the Wii could handle the Unreal 3 Engine, but then maybe it'll be subtantially different than the other two versions. I could care less, as long as the presence of a Wii version doesn't hinder the others - but then, it doesn't seem to be with other games.

ChickeyCantor4242d ago

Does it have to support the UT engine ? really....isnt it getting obvious they arent gonna use the heavy engine.

A few hours a go i saw this article about a an engine called Q....from the makers of Direct3D i hope they make use of that in some way it seems that Q can do allot with the Wii.

Richdad4242d ago

Epic was saying that they are gonna support it but they have not said anything abt it. Yeah but if Bioshock 2 comes to WII than UT3 too will come on it.

JVIDICAN4242d ago

could always be mini-games only with a bioshock theme to it lol

Sev4242d ago

Sev1512 blogged about this almost 2 weeks ago.
I just dont get enough readers for this info to spread.

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power of Green 4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )


EDIT you dissagree because I think this is ridiculous?, BioShock is *suppose* to be on other consoles all the time Hell I can still find sites saying part one is going to be on PS3.

Fanboys found a recyled version of the original news that was posted today because it was largely ignored and passed off as nonsense lol.

JVIDICAN4242d ago

keep telling yourself that lol
strangely i can feel your fear in your posts =P

power of Green 4242d ago

BioShock is going to appeal to the masses on the Wii platform ;<.

GiantEnemyCrab4242d ago

You are right. This is just a rehash of the same story. Don't worry this game with be 360/PC again no PS3. Mark my words.

Pain4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Then That way xbox 2 version wont be 3rd best looking PC/PS3 versions>>>RROD2 >>>Wii version

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PSWe604242d ago

If it's going to PS3 I can believe it. But the Wii? Come on, it'd have to be a cartoon or something.