Warframe Dev: PS4 'Lets Us Bring Over High End Visuals Without Compromise'

"Ever since the reveal of the PlayStation 4, Sony has placed a lot of emphasis on bringing as many games over as they can for their next generation console. One such game is Warframe, a free to play game that is being developed by Digital Extremes, the studio behind 2008's Dark Sector."

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NewMonday3710d ago

Developers have nothing but praise for the PS4

SlavisH23710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Only a idiot would say something negitive about a company you're working with. Why would you cannibalize your future cash flow, imo

P.S. below if you READ my comment i DIDN'T say it doesnt happen I SAID its not a smart move. If you aren't confident in what you're working on why would a consumer be confident in buying your product?

Chaostar3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Gabe Newell ;)

"The PS3 is a Total Disaster"

Years later...


ShugaCane3710d ago

But they could've remained silent as well. It's not as if they're owned by Sony. Nobody asked them to praise the PS4, and yet they do it. Plus, they're working on PC too, and seem to like the X1 ( http://n4g.com/news/1319317...

NewMonday3710d ago

they did that plenty with the PS3 and now with the WiiU and the XBone

Utalkin2me3710d ago


Usually when you're happy you like to speak out and tell everyone. If they wasn't happy or like working on the PS4, they could just stay quite.

GribbleGrunger3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Bleedin' Nora, this is getting ridiculous. If an unsubstantiated source gives out information, you rightly say, it's just one source, I'll wait for more. If more sources give out similar information, you then go back on your original statement and tell us you'll wait for official word. If a developer actually working on the console in question then gives out positive information, it's not official word because they can't say anything else. If Sony then come out and tells us directly, you argue you can't believe the official word because it's just PR.

So, my question is, what other proof could there possibly be? Let's face it, at that point you're stood with your face buried in a corner, fingers plunged deep into your ears and are singing 'La ... la ... la.' at the top of your tiny lungs.

SirBradders3710d ago

@SlavisH2 if tgey wasn't happy they could just keep quiet.

I personally have followed warframe for a while and its living up to be one of tge best f2p games out there. The developers make that so because they are honest and down to earth so to me these guys aint just trying to hype shit they are being genuine.

3710d ago
silkrevolver3710d ago

Don't get so defensive about disagrees - it's the INTERNET.

joeorc3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )


exactly 100%




just look at this

Utalkin2me3709d ago


Its one thing to talk. It is another to show, and Turn 10 is the only ones that have showed anything that the cloud is capable off. Warframe has been showed and demoed. So until we see something of the cloud and benefits then it is still a mystery. Cause we know how MS likes say one thing and do something else.

abzdine3709d ago

i see your point but they have been getting good help from Sony and everyone is saying good things about it. When you hear too many positive things all the time from various people then you end up agreeing with them.
PS4 seems great and we all know how great the future of sony consoles is so all PS4 owners shouldnt worry.

KwietStorm_BLM3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You must have been absent for a large portion of this generation. And everyone is going to have an opinion. Consoles manufacturers aren't going to blacklist you for criticism. This is a symbiotic industry. The proprietary owners and the developers need each other.

papashango3709d ago

Im really glad warframe is coming to ps4. But seriously..It's not that great a game

CEOSteveBallmer3709d ago

You got disagrees because your making it sound like a negative thing for developers to praise their partner company. Point is: if they don't like the PS4, they could have stayed "Quiet" just like what the other commenters were saying. But why is it that I can't find much articles about developers praising the xbox one?? its up to you to decide why. I know the answer but I don't want another xbox defense force barraging me with comments. especially the jokerguy

Ritsujun3709d ago

JOY's joking on herself as we speak.

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s8anicslayer3710d ago

Indeed, but people who know nothing about hardware usage complain about memory usage that does not concern them!

HiddenMission3709d ago

Actually memory usage does concern us gamers Skyrim on the PS3 says hi. We know 1st hand what happens when a console has memory issues and shortages or usage.

JunioRS1013709d ago

The great thing about these kind of games is that even though you might not enjoy them quite as much as AAA titles, they're free, usually AT LEAST a little fun, and they're FREE! Which means they can keep me busy in between exclusive releases.

Count me in!

Bob Dole3709d ago

Kinda silly considering Warframe is nothing special graphically.

KwietStorm_BLM3709d ago

Warframe looks pretty damn good, especially the effects, and especially considering it's a free to play Indie game.

Bob Dole3708d ago

In comparison with PS2 and many other PC games, Warframe graphically; is nothing special. Bob Dole's midrange PC can run Warframe at max 60fps, while PS2 is running at around 40-50 and looking leaps and bounds better.

Bigpappy3709d ago

The developer did not just out and praise PS4. He was ASKED why work on PS4 and not PS3. He is just saying the game was a much easier fit on PS for and the Graphics remain unchanged. He is an indie developer contracting PS4 to PS3!

You guys try to make it sound like developer are so amazed by the power of PS4, that they run to any media person they could find to profess their undying love for PS4.

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hollabox3709d ago


I agree with you on this one. I played it on the PC for two weeks, uninstalled. It looked ok, but not mind blowing, after the first week I was bored, felt too much like UT2004 edition.

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chrissx3710d ago

I'm not suprised. The Ps4 will define the true quality of next gen console gaming.

MidnytRain3710d ago

True, but... this game is overrated out the wazoo...

KwietStorm_BLM3709d ago

There's that word again. Overrated in what way? It's not a recipient of awards or sales or even mass acceptance. It's just a fun game, which isn't even finalized yet.

MidnytRain3709d ago

Overrated in the amount of attention and excitement surrounding it. It's not even that good, and like many F2P games, it resorts to extreme repetition to add longevity. I honestly don't know why people are even bothering, but that's just me.

chobit_A5HL3Y3709d ago

you really are a moron. sorry x] lolz but it can't be overrated if it's not even getting that high of scores x] and, " resorts to extreme repetition to add longevity."? ALL games with leveling do this. heard of jrpg's or mebe borderlands? so yeah, stop trolling. just 'cause YOU don't like the gameplay doesn't make it overrated. you're just being a dick for no reason lolz

MidnytRain3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Just what I think, bro, no need for the names. Others' reactions make it overrated to me is all.