Gamedaily: Saints Row 2 Preview - Saints Row 2 is crude, potentially offensive and over the top violent

Gamedaily writes: "When it comes to crime simulators, Grand Theft Auto receives most of the attention, but don't rule out Saints Row 2. THQ's sequel to one of the best-selling Xbox 360 games ups the ante with potentially offensive material and tons of blood-spilling action, allowing you to go over the top in your rise to ghetto fabulousness.

Saints Row 2 takes place in the city of Stilwater, where you attempt to recruit gang members and become the ultimate thug. Naturally, this comes at the expense of the innocent and your enemies. This includes running them over in a vehicle, mowing them down with an assault rifle and blowing up their trailer homes. You'll use them as human shields, plant charges on their cars and chuck them through windows, partly to complete missions, and also because it's fun torturing them."

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