Gaming Target Reviews the DualShock 3

The DualShock 3 only recently arrived in retail stores and Gaming Target has gotten their hands on one. So how dares it fare? Was it worth the wait or was it all for nothing?

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Archaeox4478d ago

Um I saw a white 40gb at PlayNTrade

the controller was white, but i think it was a SIXAXIS

kinda off topic but, ya...

LONEWOLF2314478d ago

There is a white Dualshock 3 contoller as well!
The Japanese versions come in two Flavors, White and Black!

wAtdaFck4478d ago

Just got one.

Warhawk never felt so awesome :D

redwingsrock4478d ago

so anyways has anyone here imported one from japan and has also bought one from here, what i have personally noticed between the two is that the north american one is slightly heavier like were talking a few grams maybe not that much heavier and the rumble is a touch stronger and the motors sound a little louder in the NA one compared to the jp one, just wondering if anyone else has also noticed this

aaron58294478d ago

Incomplete "review"

It's more like a preview/first impressions.


Ragnarok4478d ago

I have to agree with you. This is hardly a review.

Here are some things to consider next time they write a review:

1. Mention the ability to turn the rumble off entirely, system wide, via the PlayStation button menu. This essentially turns the DS3 back into a SIXAXIS. This should be comforting news for non-rumble fans once the SIXAXIS controllers dry up and only DS3s are available. There are plenty of gamers out there that are fine without rumble and feel it doesn't add enough to warrant shorter battery life.

2. If you match the capabilities of the DS3 with a 360 controller w/the Charge and Play kit it ends up cheaper. The 360 does not come with the ability to recharge out of the box.

3. If some games indeed have strong rumble then the DS3 can obviously provide satisfying feedback. If a game has too small an amount, then question the developers. I believe Motorstorm has three levels to choose from in its settings. This is obviously not a limitation of the hardware... which is insinuated in the review.

4. Weight was mentioned, what about build quality? As others have stated, it does have a more solid feel. Others also mention the stiffer analogue controls. I know this can be subjective, but at least attempt to mention this in your review.

SL1M DADDY4478d ago

You hit the mark there bud. The reviewer needs a lesson in how to write a proper review and IMHO you schooled him.

The DS3 is a great controller and deserves nothing less than its predecessor and in fact deserves more due to it's level of "next-gen-ness".

Add SIXAXIS, wireless BT, and rechargeable batteries to the DS2 and you have an awesome controller... You have the DS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.