4 Reasons Why We Don’t Need Anymore Consoles

AlienLion writes:

"It’s not like you need more reasons to love the 50′s, but that’s when man invented both video games and lasers. The decade is basically the guitar solo of human existence but I digress. Ever since gaming appeared, we have been trying to use whatever available technology to make it more awesome, from vector displays to PC’s to HDTV’s to cell phones. If gaming is at all possible on a given gadget, we have put it there (there is Doom on a calculator FFS); and whenever gaming became too much of a pain in the ass on a certain type of a gadget, we have abandoned it and moved on to better things.

For awhile now, video game consoles have been a very convenient and suitable gaming gadget but perhaps it’s time to take a closer look and see if the upcoming 8th generation of consoles is about the time to move on yet again..."

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Zuperman2738d ago

I'll continue to support consoles because of the games.

shivvy242738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Ratchet and Clank , infamous , Uncharted , TLOU , Halo ! Yep Only on consoles ! Even Desitiny

georgeenoob2738d ago Show
Shane Kim2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

The only one pathetic here is you george.

clouds52738d ago

You guys do realize that these games could run just as easily on the PC and look and play even better?
Halo is the best example. It was meant to be the next PC hit then MS bought it and dumbed it down to push their xbox. You should have lived through the golden age of PC gaming before xbox and ps2 were out. Where all the games were developed for the PC, not ported. The half-life aera.
All the things people are excited about with the new consoles (skype voice/type chat, switching between stuff, huge open connected online worlds etc) were there ten years ago. I guess many gamers are too young to have lived through those times? But it is now that i realize that consoles held gaming back 10 freaking years.
So they have catched up? Well he oculus rift is just releasing for pc... Guess we have to wait another 10 years till console manufacturors are ready for todays gaming tools...

Btw i absolutely agree with this blogpost but most people will never see it that way because they do not want to build their own machines. Then they had to get off their couch and do something. They want to buy an overadvertised box with a brand and argue which of the essentially identical boxes is better. Marketing is key. I get slightly off topic but look at how people are praising the ps3? Thats all free advertising.

Well lets leave it at that. Cheers and gaming ftw.

jimmywolf2738d ago


even if console went away the same thing your saying would exist people would want pre made box "alienware"

their still be weaker system, that a game would look like crap compared too another pc. an their still be budget games that never pushed your pc too the max.

console are nice that you have set price an assets too create a game, console don't stop pc gamers. developers do, they don't want spend more $$$ catering too elite few.

clouds52738d ago

@jimmywolf of course you're right. We are brought up to love and buy brands. And it even happens whenyou are aware of the fact its only because of the way you grew up :-)
Still it happens all over our planet and in all kind of businesses. Going way off topic now ;-)

DragonKnight2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Without even reading the article at all, would I be correct in saying that it has either PC or Mobile or both in it?

**EDIT** @clouds5: "You guys do realize that these games could run just as easily on the PC and look and play even better?"

trafalger2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

of course people care, otherwise there would be no market for new graphic cards. how many topics here are filled with raging fanboys going on and on about how much ram each new console has or teraflops being compared? how many times did sony promote the power of the ps3 and are now talking about how fast the ram is for the ps4? people care about how powerful the consoles are just like they care about how games can look and run on the pc.

console fanboys are just as bad as pc elitists.

DragonKnight2738d ago

@trafalger: You respond to something you don't understand apparently.

clouds5 said: "You guys do realize that these games could run just as easily on the PC and look and play even better?"

Obviously talking about console games on PC. I responded with the image because no one cares if console games can run better on PC. They aren't on PC and if people wanted to build a PC they would. The market for graphics cards are for PC gamers, not for console gamers. So again, nobody cares.

trafalger2737d ago

"So again, nobody cares."

is that why there's a petition for gtav to be on the pc? of course people care. not sure why you are speaking on behalf of everyone. you should edit your comments and say 'you' don't care.

console makers know that part of the appeal to buying there hardware is exclusives. if those exclusives came to the pc , pc gamers would care and i imagine some console fanboys would be upset because to them exclusives mean everything. i have seen a lot of people talk about titanfall for example and if it were exclusive to the xbone, pc gamers would care. but it is coming to the pc and i bet ps4 buyers want it to come to that system too. so dont try and be witty saying nobody cares because you like console gaming more.

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edgeofsins2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


Consoles drive game demand more then PC's do. That is why many games release only on consoles, even if they can go on PC without much trouble.

Preference doesn't deter me from understanding that. I like both PC and consoles. I currently only game on laptop, it has a 7640G and 7670M so it plays games well. I will upgrade to a better laptop eventually or build a desktop later on. I know very well how to build a desktop as I had my own last year that I put together and I have helped with people do it and recently have put together my friends PC from start to finish. I will be with PC's always. I however love consoles as well for the exclusives and features. If LittleBIGPlanet did come to PC I would absolutely adore that though. It would likely be better since level limitations would be less and such but Sony is the reason that game was made at all.

ala_7672738d ago

The author of this article is CrackHead! Of Course We need console! Who the hell pays $3000 for a gaming PCs! Its not about affording, its a matter of being smart or stupid

clouds52738d ago

Have you not seen the link to the 700$ pc that already has stronger hardware than ps4? In a year that will be even less...

Boysangur2737d ago

I don't think 90% of people posting actually read the article, even less understood the point.

kayoss2738d ago

To those who say pc is suffice. I'm not about to spend a freakin 1-2 hour optimizing said game so I can play it on pc. This why console exist, convenient. The majority of gamers are not computer literate. They just want sit down turn on a machine and play a game for a few hours. They don't want to spend that time wondering why ther is no sound on the game or why the color look crappy.

levian2738d ago

This type of article again?

I've been a console gamer all my life, but the past few years I've started gaming on the PC as well. Yes, its great. Mods, awesome graphics, dirt cheap steam sales, all of that.

Sometimes though the PC doesn't get a game that's on console. Playing on a console feels different. I prefer gaming with a controller (yes I know you can use them on the PC). Also, I travel fairly often and I usually bring my PS3 with me. I can't very well pack my 50lb custom pc in my backpack or suitcase.

In less than a year, I'm going to have to upgrade my 3 year old ATI 6850 and probably blow a solid $300-500 on a new graphics card, and possibly upgrade from my i5-2500k. On my new $500 console, it will last for 6-10 years without needing to be upgraded, until the new console comes out. And then I will keep it, and continue to play games on it.


We need consoles.

PotatoClock2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

The console market dictates the specs for the multi-plats, like last gen. Why would you need to upgrade?
You can still play the same newly released games on PC as you can on console. If the next gen of consoles lasts for 6-10 years then so will your PC.

Multi-plats only scale up on PC. Doesn't mean you need to upgrade your hardware when console hardware hasn't changed.
I'm still using a 4850 and Core 2 Duo. Skyrim at 1080p works fine. Not maxed obviously, but still smoother and prettier than 360 version.

I can understand about mobility, a PC doesn't do that well.

levian2737d ago

I totally get what you're saying. PC's have the capabilities of having games that would be insane to consider on a console, because we can have better hardware. But for the most part, games are based on the lowest common denominator, ie, consoles.

Since I'm playing on PC, I like to have my games maxed out if I can. I can play around 80% of current games on max, and the rest of them (witcher 2 being one of them) on high. Now that the console specs are going up, the hardware demands for PC will go up as well, so I'll be able to run less games on max shortly.

I'll either need to pick up a second 6850 for fairly cheap (150-200 I think) and run crossfire, which not all games support, or dish out some serious cash on a good gpu.

TheXgamerLive2737d ago

Considering all that the XBOX ONE can do and probably the ps4, I think we have more reasons then ever to want and need onsoles and less reasons to play on pc.

Spoons2737d ago

Agreed. As long as console sales thrive, the proof is in the pudding.

dj3boud2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Could we ever have a quality game like The Last of Us without dedicated gaming devices/Consoles? i believe not.

...and poor 4 reasons at that.

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slimeybrainboy2739d ago

No more ease of convenience- That one speaks for itself as a stupid argument. You buy it, you plug it in, you're done.

Price - Again invalid. If you can't sell your games on the PC than when you buy Bioshock, playthrough it in a week. You have just spent £30 you can't get back, whereas on console you can spend £35 and get £25-30 back. Also PS+ means that the money you spend on multiplayer is subsidised by the vast amount of content that will exceed the cost of PS+.

No value - I don't wuite understand the point? That there hasnt been a format change in any media to add value to consoles? Dumb point. I buy a game console to play games, not to watch TV, not to watch movies, not to play music. The fact there havn't been any new formats means that the consoles are just as valuable as ever.

More restrictions - true. Modding is why some people really enjoy PC, not for me. With more restrictions also mean hackers and aimbots and hackers. I will give more restrictions as a positive for PC but it does have it's trade offs.


Ease of use
The majority of people play on one system allowing developers without having to scale down to any other systems.
The exclusives
Poor/late PC ports
Additional features on a machine built to facilitate gaming features.

Scatpants2738d ago

Also you don't have forums full of nerds crying about "this game doesn't work right on my videocard I am never buying a game from this company again" or this is a shoddy console port it doesn't play good, I am never buying a game from this company again" wahhhhh. I don't know how many times I've read something like this with big game launches but I know it's a bunch.

levian2738d ago

Couldn't agree more. I love pc gaming, but I have to jump through hoops to get a game to work sometimes. Stalker: SoC isn't even playable on my pc, so that was money down the drain.

Also its nice to actually own a physical copy of your games. I love steam and steam sales. Who doesn't like getting AAA games for like 10 bucks? But in 10 years, I don't know if steam will still be around, and if my hundreds of dollars spent will be gone. With my console games, I will have them until I choose to sell them.

SpideySpeakz2739d ago

I've got a master idea that will make PC and console gaming obsolete forever. I just need 10 - 15 years, with a fund of 15 - 20 billion dollars, and a massive scientific research of the human brain. No more controller. No more television screens.

GenericNameHere2738d ago

Uhhh... Isn't that already invented? I seem to recall me and my cousin playing this just this morning. It's this foreign thing called "going outside". However, there are no TV "outside", so I'll just stick with playing videogames with a controller and TV for now.

SpideySpeakz2737d ago

You don't even know what I'm talking about.
I could very well be talking about absolutely... NOTHING.

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KillrateOmega2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

1) Convenience
2) Exclusive games
3) True optimization due to the fixed hardware. No need for developers to scale their games.
4) Substantially lower initial price

shivvy242738d ago

one thing that matters to me the most are the exclusives ! games like ratchet and infamous are only on playstation :)

TheFirstClassic2738d ago

Theres also local multiplayer, which unfortunately has decreased a bit over the years.

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