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An article on the source of the "Xbox is Dead" article posted from 4Square Media.

Mr. David Richards owns 4Square Media which in-turn owns Smarthouse.

He is a widely reviled plagarist and unscrupulous thief.

Readers of his "Xbox is Dead" article should understand Mr. Richards purpose. In Mr. Richard's own words "I have made millions making the right decisions not the wrong ones and that means today writing the stories that attract eyeballs."

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Silellak4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

It was already well-known that the source of the story wasn't legitimate. The thing is, if the story is anti-360, it really doesn't matter anymore on N4G.

There are enough PS3 fanboys who are able to approve stories that any anti-360 is very quickly rush-approved, no matter how trivial it is and no matter how questionable the source is.

Case in point:

An utterly worthless article, from someone's blog no-less. Was quickly approved, and was out there for a few hours before an admin wiped it out.

It's just par for the course here now. We have to get used to it, sadly. Apparently the Sony fanboys are getting "revenge" for what the 360's fanboys did last year, but I wasn't here then, so all I can do is comment on how it appears to be now.

supaet4859d ago

nah, no revenge, it's like this from day 1

n4g has always been a ps3 fans stronghold.

Superfragilistic4859d ago

Good to see an article setting things straight about the legitimacy of a source/author. I'm still laughing at the "hackers made me plagarise" excuse!

4859d ago