Test Drive Unlimited Lotus Trailer have just added an impresive looking Test Drive Unlimited trailer which shows off some Lotus racing action. You can check out the trailer at their site.

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PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

This games going to be so damn cool...I thought it was july release and now it says september 17, which is my g/f's b-day which is lovely!! NOT...but did they set it back?

RelloC6202d ago

did anyone else find the demo less than fulfilling? with a weak sense of speed?

FamoAmo6202d ago

I didn't get alot from the Demo! I didn't actually get to race or run around the streets with anyone online b/c it would freeze. I think they need to fix the demo and let us play online b/c I won't flat out go and buy this on graphics alone. I want to play online. If MS doesn't do that I will rent it!! ALSO #1 i also heard July but I also saw it for september now!! I hope it holds to July!