Test Drive Unlimited Lotus Trailer

MSXbox-World.com have just added an impresive looking Test Drive Unlimited trailer which shows off some Lotus racing action. You can check out the trailer at their site.

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PS360PCROCKS6558d ago

This games going to be so damn cool...I thought it was july release and now it says september 17, which is my g/f's b-day which is lovely!! NOT...but did they set it back?

RelloC6558d ago

did anyone else find the demo less than fulfilling? with a weak sense of speed?

FamoAmo6558d ago

I didn't get alot from the Demo! I didn't actually get to race or run around the streets with anyone online b/c it would freeze. I think they need to fix the demo and let us play online b/c I won't flat out go and buy this on graphics alone. I want to play online. If MS doesn't do that I will rent it!! ALSO #1 i also heard July but I also saw it for september now!! I hope it holds to July!


New Test Drive Unlimited game by Kylotonn all but confirmed

Team VVV writes: "We’ve known for almost two years now that BigBen Interactive has the rights to use and develop future Test Drive titles from Atari including the Test Drive Unlimited brand".

Dspdspes2057d ago

Whoa! Have'nt played one of those since my old IBM with CGA monochrome monitor....


New Test Drive Unlimited games in the works, rights now belong to Bigben Interactive

BigBen Interactive has today announced they have acquired the rights to use and develop future Test Drive titles from Atari.

BigBen Interactive has also confrimed they have a project to develop new titles from the Test Drive Unlimted series.

Liqu1d2715d ago

Nice. Loved TDU 1 and 2, hopefully they do a good job.

Bk2Xxclusive2715d ago

I loved part 1 that had simulate racing physics and handling. Part 2 just fucked it up for me with its arcade style handling. This is the only game that can compete against FH3 if they bring back the physic style handling.

Veneno2715d ago

Most of the additions to TDU2 were not great but it did not ruin the game for me. This new one needs to have more than just Euro cars if it really wants to compete.

quent2715d ago

Have never heard of this developer, still exciting news though, loved both previous games.

Veneno2715d ago

So happy to hear this news. My favorite racing series is back!!! Now Motorstorm needs to come back.


The 10 Biggest Open World Games of All Time

8CN: When it comes to game worlds, bigger isn't always better, but that doesn't make these 10 titles any less impressive.

Perjoss3480d ago

Test Drive Unlimited was awesome, the driving mechanics were pretty poor but the island was fantastic and felt huge. I regularly would race around the outside edge of the map in a loop, each lap would take about an hour in real time.