Videogamer: Saints Row 2 Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "Saints Row 2 developer Volition knows that comparisons with GTA 4 are inevitable. But they're also justified. It's more than a simple case of both games being of the sandbox genre. GTA 4 and SR2 share the pleasure of presenting the player with an urban city playground, a third-person perspective and unavoidable confrontations with criminal gangs. Volition makes a point of reminding us that there's room for more than one open world game in the homes of 18 to 35 year old Western males. The more pertinent question is: is there room for more than one open world game that also features generous dollops of violent gangsta action? Both titles have so much in common you'd imagine that they'd get on like a house on fire if they found themselves coupled on a blind date.

Alas, despite the candlelight, unashamed flirting and small talk, at some point in the evening the two love birds would inevitably discover a personality clash - one of which would centre around violence. While Rockstar has taken GTA into a more realistic direction, Volition has made SR2 even more over the top than its predecessor."

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Arguement closed.

but i'll think i will rent because of
"Everything you see and do in Stillwater will be drop-in drop-out playable with another player either online via Xbox LIVE or PSN, or split-screen on the same console."