Cloud Strife/Zack Fair Join the UT3 Arena on PS3/PC

Two new challengers from the Final Fantasy 7 Universe have entered the Unreal Tournament. Now Cloud and Zack join Master Chief, Samus, Spawn, among others to battle it out deathmatch style.These mods were created by genZ which can me imported to play on UT3 for the PS3 and PC. Follow the jump for the download.

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Omegasyde4481d ago

Just need Sonic, Mario and Kratos for "Unreal Smash Brothers".

yesah4481d ago

rofl can you imagine, a 2.5d ut3

Omegasyde4481d ago

they actually look better in the game mode. I like the attention to detail with the buster swords, however you can't use them :*(

Out of all the modded Characters, The guy whom created Spawn was the most artistic, with the second best being Masterchief.

INehalemEXI4481d ago

Already had a cloud but this version looks better. I hope someone does a Dante and Nero soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.