Game Vortex: Worms: A Space Oddity Review

Game Vortex writes: "Backgrounds and level designs are crisp and clean in Worms: A Space Oddity. The theme here is space, of course, so there are appropriate starry backgrounds and alien planet scenes. As always, the scenery is like a flat cardboard cutout, and weapons will just eat perfect circular chunks out of it. Someday it might be nice to see some terrain physics enter this game. The worms show up nicely as well and all the tiny weaponry is pretty easy to distinguish. The only problem that showed up was some very tiny icons in the customization menu. They were very hard to make out, but once you went back into the game, you could see the flags, helmets, and other customized items fine. Otherwise the menus were big and colorful, making it easy to find your way around. The space theme is carried on throughout with switches, lights and other things you'd expect to find on a sci-fi ship's console. It's actually an entertaining interface to navigate through.

Again you've got the worms yelling out (tiny) taunts and yells in several styles of speech and different languages. The music is over-dramatic, in a humorous clash with the tiny cartoon worms. Again, it's all part of the formula at this point."

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