Darkzero: A-Train HX Review

Darkzero writes: "Here we are with Artdink's latest foray into train management. A specialised yet popular genre that's seen fairly large sales by the likes of Transport and Railroad Tycoon. I appreciate this is a weird genre in some respects, especially on a hardcore gaming console, but clearly there's a market. The original series started life on the Amiga and PC, while A-Train 6 was released on the PS2 three years ago. Climb aboard as I take you around what this game has to offer.

The basic premise in a-Train is a simple one. Rather then make money as such, the idea is to make money AND increase the size of your city. So the population grows and you achieve your targets, and to do this you have to build a railway. You'll initially start with a town or two and from there you can decide the types of area you wish to promote. The initial towns will provide some housing and some people but you also need various business sectors to make them work for you. You also need money, and you need resources. Initially you'll see that your railway disappears off the fairly large map you inhabit."

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