Gamedaily: Tom Clancy's HAWX Preview

Gamedaily writes: "When it comes to video game warfare, no company does it better than Ubisoft. Armed with the lucrative Tom Clancy name, the publisher has created several high profile franchises, such as Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, all of which let you control top-secret operatives on the ground. This fall, however, you'll take to the unfriendly skies in Tom Clancy's HAWX, an air combat game in which you'll soar through the air and engage multiple hostiles, shredding them with gunfire and blasting them with missiles.

HAWX (high-altitude warfare) takes place in the year 2012, during a time where private military companies, mercenaries that bend the law, have too much power. Something called the Reykjavik Accords gives them free reign to stick their bloodstained mitts into military operations, and this supposedly leads to conflicts that can only be settled thousands of feet in the air. Whether you play as one of these mercs or a soldier out to thwart their schemes remains to be seen."

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Alcohog4479d ago

"When it comes to video game warfare, no company does it better than Ubisoft"

Infinity Ward says hi.

Greeny19724478d ago

Looking forward to this game

yesah4478d ago

wow that does look impressive, that shot just perked my interests.