Console Monster: Poker Smash Mini-Review

Many puzzle games are available on the XBOX Live Arcade, each with their own stand-out feature/s. Zuma has the stone frog idol spinning around shooting coloured balls, and Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords has a strong story mode. Poker Smash on the other hand adds a smashing new perspective to the Puzzle genre.

The game requires players to swap poker cards horizontally using X and B to form lines of matching cards. The cards can be matched either by number (line of 3+), flush (line of 5+) or straight (line of 5+). The cards move at a scroll speed which increases the longer players keep the cards from hitting the top line. To help players prevent the cards hitting the top line, they can earn bombs by removing cards. Bombs can be placed on cards using the A button to remove the card and to briefly pause the cards from moving up towards the top line. Players can also activate slow motion by holding the right-trigger. Both bombs and slow motion are vital in preventing cards hitting the top line at higher scroll speeds...

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