Console Monster: Triggerheart Exelica Mini-Review

Like many LIVE Arcade titles, Triggerheart Exelica has seen itsself appear on many platforms. Originally appearing in the Arcades and then followed by releases on the SEGA Saturn, SEGA Dreamcast and finally the Xbox LIVE Arcade. There hasn't been many, if any, vertical shooters on the Arcade service, and it will be this year that we will be seeing this change with the appearances of Ikaruga and 1942, but it is Triggerhearts that will be first of this kind to shoot its way on to the system.

The game lets you choose between one of two female fighters encased in robotic armour. Each fighter has its own unique shooting styles; Exelica specializes in wide spray attacks, while Crueltear uses focused frontal shots. You can also fire anchors at your enemy foe, this lets you "lasso" an enemy craft and use it as a shield against oncoming fire, or just simply throw it back at them to inflict more damage...

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