Huxley - 30 New Screens

In a post-apocalyptic world human beings have mutated and divided into Sapiens, Alternatives and Hybrids. The Sapiens and Alternatives both battle for control of the Earth's resources as the Hybrids, a mysterious third race, fight for their very survival. In the PC game, players take on the role of the Sapiens or Alternative. On the Xbox 360 they enter the game as an elite member of the Hybrid Liberation Organization (HLO), fighting toe-to-toe against the Sapien and Alternative armies to unshackle the oppressed Hybrids.

WorthPlaying has put up 30 new screenshots of the game.

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Blademask4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Our console friend is crippling graphical advancement.

Anyone else notice that multiplatform PC titles haven't made any forward progress when it comes to games? They all look like Unreal. Since like 2005.

@ Below

PC gaming is just fine. Unfortunately games that are being made to run on the PC aren't that hardware intense. A crysis rig can really be only used to play Crysis right now, because nothing else is close to as demanding. Its overkill for all of the multiplatform titles. By a long shot. Kinda sucks that I guess there is a new business model to where developing for the PC is useless. But it sucks for gaming in general because we aren't moving forward anymore graphically.

People are pretending to be excited about a game that looks no different than it did when it first came out. Graphics aren't everything, but gaming and graphics have always been improved hand in hand. Now we are just getting different games, but with the same old graphics. Might be a good thing, It might make PC gaming popular because you don't need a super expensive rig to play multiplats. As of right now, I'm less excited to find out about a PC title, that will have a console counterpart.

PC only games are looking great(the select few there are), but they just aren't as big as the multiplat titles.

socomnick4245d ago

I think pc gaming has not grown much because it is on the decline. Seems the only thing keeping it alive right now is WOW.

Breakfast4244d ago

Maybe its the cost of production. Developers have to make sure they're gonna see a return in profits before going 'all out' and making the game look the best possible. The risk-reward type of thing might not be there for games like this.

Im no pc gamer, but i think thats what it is.

wow4u4244d ago

As gaming demographics change, more family games, gamers age start to match the general population as opposed to skewing towards younger people and on and on, people just dont want to game in their Computer Room.

I own my own home, my own couch and my own 60" Plasma. I want to play videogames in the living room, not in a room by myself.

Besides, occupying the PC from the family doesnt make much sense unless you want to buy a PC for them to surf/email/whatever and another for you to game.

Every home needs a PC, but they need it for something _other_ than gaming. So, unless you want to buy two $800-1400 computers, you're going to buy a $400 console instead.

Gaming is mainstream, the living room is mainstream.

NO_PUDding4244d ago

I am by no means a PC fanboy whatsoever. But I did upgrade my PC last year or the year before for BF2 and Dark Messiah. Both very much worth it. And now I will say this to all those who are worried about PC gaming.

Stop Worrying.

That's all. Becuase I can promise you as soon as the consoles start to get a bit old, when developers know very well the kind of power that is there for PC's, they will start paying more attention. It happened last generation and it will happen this one. And once multiplatforms (console multiplatforms) are slowing, then the PS3 will be being focused on. It has more potential, and more pleasign titles will become avaiable to PC.

Just be very patient. I am sure around the 7th year of PS3 I will still be buying games for it, but I will be thinkign about getting a really powerful PC again.

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TwistedD00M4245d ago

I agree with you Blademask. PC games haven't grown that much.

wow4u4244d ago

PC games have -variable- graphic outputs. What you see is based heavily on your settings / graphics card.

The best games (graphically) will _always_ be on the PC.

wageslave4244d ago

PC Gaming looks better than gaming on Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii. No doubt about it. Better framerates, better graphics, better physics.

In August of 2005, an nVidia spokesperson was quoted in PlayStation Magazine as saying "the RSX GPU is basically a slightly less powerful GeForce 7800"

The entire GeForce 7800 series was DISCONTINUTED in 2006.

You really expect a GPU designed in 2003 or 2004 to compete with the latest GPUs and DX10?

The PS3 has 512/512MB ram. Thats it, the Xbox 360 has 1GB. The GPU in the Xbox 360 is better for sure, but not up to what PC gamers can buy today.

Blademask4244d ago

I really want to know that.

SL1M DADDY4244d ago

You might want to get your facts right before making comments like this one. The 360 does not have 1gb of RAM sir, sorry, that is just plain false. Oh, and much to a tune of Blademask, what games does the 360 have that compete in terms of graphics when it comes to games like Uncharted or GT5P?

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ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW4244d ago

This game has pretty good lookin graphics.. I wanna see some vids about it. Looks interesting.

Ghoul4244d ago

this game went from impressiv to average

i dunno what happend but the latest screens are far away from the quality i saw when the game first surfaced and the first trailers arrived.

not interested anymore :(

games4fun4244d ago

nice these are average at best they look like a toned down UT3 which seems to be there target anyway

Atomic4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

i'm sick of Unreal Engine games , they look retarded!
most overrated engine ever.
seriously , everything looks like it's coated with grease , and the over-saturated colors make your eyes burn , i don't understand why people like UE attributes.

wageslave4244d ago

This game is totally, 100% impressive.

The first MMOFPS for consoles. Who gives a flying f what the three of you think about graphics?

Even if the graphics sucked (They Dont in any way), the GAMEPLAY and gameplay experience is what matters.

cartman3134244d ago

@ Atomic - Totally agree. UE games all look the same. I'm sick of it too.

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InYourMom4244d ago

can't wait to get my 100 vs 100 on!

wow4u4244d ago

The way the big PvP is setup is kind of like Frontlines;
Extended, tactical battles of large groups working towards a series of goals/tasks.

This is a Day 1 purchase for me. This is the new, innovative gameplay experiences that makes me want to buy a game.

Left 4 Dead is another good example. 4 men vs 4 unique zombies == awesome. APB -- MMO Sandbox game. These are the _innovative_ games I want to play.

InMyOpinion4244d ago

Oh man! Don't mention Left 4 Dead. That game has me a zombie!

hazeblaze4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Have you guys seen the gameplay vids? I really do want to be excited for this game... it just doesn't look much good. Plus, 100 vs. 100 is for the PC only... the capacity on 360 hasn't been announced yet.

Left 4 Dead sure doesn't look like much graphically, but it does look like it will be awesome when it comes to the gameplay!

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