Top 5 Gears Of War MMO-Clones

Bright Hub: Now, I don't think many gamers would mind clones for one of the best selling action franchises of all time, so here is a list for some of the noteworthy MMOTPS games out there (and coming soon) that imitate Epic's Gears of War.

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Fishy Fingers4220d ago

Huxley is far more UT than Gears. I wouldn't really call any of them a "clone" as obviously you cant clone a game will placing it firmly within a totally different genre. Inspired by, is probably a better way of putting it.

Azurite4219d ago

Huxley had a trailer E3 (July)2006 which suggests that development started months earlier.
Gears of War released four months later(Nov 2006).

I don't think they've changed their direction towards Gears of War since.

Like you said, more like UT than Gears of War.

Jerk1204219d ago

Is a Gears of War and Halo clone.

toaster4219d ago

Gears is third person, Halo and KZ are first person.

Have you even played shooters before?

robotnik4219d ago

You are no even trying, right Sleipnir?

ryguy33094219d ago

This article sucks I still play the original gears if anything the new one got boring fast its all chainsaws and running and gunning. The first game is it no surprise was one of the top games played for year where the 2nd wasn't and hasn't sold as much as the original. So to say the second was an improvement is not true in my opinion it was a step back looks worse and plays worse.

Gobot4219d ago

To bad gears isn't better than any of those five.