PSP-3000, Possible Features Rumored - More RAM, Rumble, Dual Analogs and More

Psextreme writes:

"We recently learned that the PSP would stick around for another seven years in a continued lifecycle, which means the snazzy handheld should go through several more incarnations before all is said and done. Hence, the PSP-3000 is on everyone's lips; the rumor is spreading like wildfire throughout the Internet."

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Massacre3848d ago

I'd buy another one for a second analog stick and a different processor. How about Sony focus on working the real "successor" to the PSP instead of of these spins ?

akaFullMetal3848d ago

well the spins work for them, with the ps1 and psone, and the ps2 and then the ps2 slim, and now for the psp and pspslim, now a upgraded version, it seems to work for them, cuts production costs and makes them cheaper, so all for them, but you are right. They should be working on the psp2, which i believe they are probably working on right now.

Premonition3848d ago

I dont know why these people come up with these rumors. First off sony has sold like what.... over 30million PSP's world wide? and if they decided to come out with a dual analog PSP, that would pretty much destory the fanbase out there of PSP owners, I doubt sony would hurt so many by doing this and forcing people to buy a second one just to play the games that require 2 analogs instead of 1, the only thing I can see from the PSP-3000, is probably a new color, more ram (maybe) or better wifi range or something, nothing TO BIG.

Sangria3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Indeed, but if PSP get a second analogic stick, it opens to a really better way of gaming. Just about FPS on PSP. Remember now, "Left analog = moving, square, circle, cross and triangle = seeing". Meaning you only have L, R and D-pad for the rest.
First it's not precise at all, and then it limits hugely possibilities of FPS on PSP.

Games on PSP would really be much more like PS2 games in terms of gameplay. I got a PSP Crisis Core Edition, but if the PSP-3000 series have two analogs, i'll buy it cash.

However, i really don't think PSP-3000 has dual analogs. I think of integrated camera and microphone (for Skype, Go Messenger,...), integrated GPS...

ThatArtGuy3848d ago

Nintendo has been doing this since the inception of the Gameboy. Gameboy Color anyone?

xplosneer3848d ago

I agree, if this is true they should probably just come out and call it PSP2.

jackdoe3848d ago

A second analog stick would fundamentally change the PSP, so much so that it becomes something else entirely. Remember that the PSP-1000 to PSP-2000 changes were very minor, smaller, cosmetic changes, video output, which is what I'd expect the PSP-3000 changes to be.

crck3848d ago

Psp 2000 came out 7 months ago people. And its selling very well to boot. Don't expect a upgraded model for another year at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.