More Users Running Linux than Vista

According to a recent poll at the blog the number users running the Linux operating system exceeded the number of users running Windows Vista.

Currently 22 percent of users polled are running Linux as opposed to 21 percent who are running Windows Vista as their primary operating system. It would be interesting to see how the percentages change as the total number of votes increases.

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Breakfast4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Too bad the same cant be said about the real world.

Edit: Im sorry but your campus aint the real world too. Look at sales figures and you'll see vista has way more users than linux. Not that i have anything against linux, im just saying.

Alcaponedyou4245d ago

i see more mac on my campus than vistas about 90% (500-800 size classes)
I for one, use ubuntu primarily and vista for (when it comes) sc2 until wine makes it compatible.

Alcaponedyou4245d ago

vista = $$$ ubuntu = free

Breakfast4245d ago

So your trying to telling me that more people run Linux over Vista...The only people who know what Linux is, are tech savvy people. Ill go do my own survey in streets, how many people know what Linux is, and what it offers that vista cant. People might know what it is, but they wont know jack crap about it.

TheSadTruth4244d ago

You are right Breakfast, ignore the troll

Stryfeno14244d ago

Agreed...Vista is way more popular then Linux...This poll is bias.

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Meus Renaissance4245d ago

That's a lie. Why are people hyping Linux? I have no issue with it but all these comparisons are pointless, Windows will remain the dominant OS regardless if we like it or not.

Writing stupid misleading articles like this stinks

gw4k4245d ago

Linux is incredible! It really is 10x the os than any ms product.

Look at the major governments and companies that use it! Watch and learn there Meus Renaissance. Windows will be dominant for years longer, no doubt about that. But opensource linux is making serious ground!

ArmrdChaos4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Until they can make a version of Linux that is easy to install/use/manage for the common person (NO tech background) then they will never pose any serious threat to Windows. When Vista first came out I said it would be the WinME of this decade. It just always seemed like Vista was just something to tide people over until Windows 7 actually made it out...kind of like WinME to XP. I deal with Vista in a work environment and don't have any problems with using it, but I will personally will not upgrade until I see a little more substance to do so...maybe Windows 7.

Thugbot1874244d ago

You nailed it right on the head. Vista is like another ME, something to hold people over till Windows 7 and 8. As for Linux you’re so right about Linux and how they have a long way to go. If it was back in the NT4/Win95 verse Linux days, the Linux people had a valid fight (I was one on Linux side). After the release of Windows 2000/XP, Linux was just out classed, let’s not forget the Linux community sees running the GUI a security risk. Do we really want to go back to the DOS days?

UrbanJabroni4245d ago

It is official! Forget the fact that 95%+ of all businesses are running windows platforms, this is the official start of the rise of Linux!

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The story is too old to be commented.