What PC Games We'll See in 2008

Silviu Stahie, Video and PC Games Editor creates a list with the most anticipated PC titles to be released this year: Alan Wake, Tiberium, Spore, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and many more.

"What should I get? A PC, a console or a ping pong table? It all depends on how the PC will do this year and from the looks of it I'm quite optimistic. Take a look for yourself."

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NO_PUDding4470d ago

Sorry to bring consoles into the mix, but this is the one game (not yet released) I would like to see on PS3.

I think it's clever. And Max Payne developers. It doesn't look very pretty anymore though. And I doubt it's for this year.

Dark_Vendetta4470d ago

If you are talking about Alan Wake: It was confirmed few days ago (once again) that it'll be released september 08

JsonHenry4470d ago


solar4470d ago

me want Episode 3 now!

power of Green 4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

"It dosn't look pretty anymore?", nothings been shown for over a year and it still looks better than anything on PS3. lol

Look at this old ass tech demo, the devs said they're aiming to match the game both PC/360 versions in every way too.

No PS3 version its exclusive to MSFT's platforms.

Imagine what the more ironed out animations and polish will look like when they show it at E3. lol

Archaeox4470d ago

You're bashing the PS3 on a PC article?

power of Green 4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

He said it doesn't look pretty anymore to bash it to smite the game for not being on PS3, He sugar coated the comment by claiming he wished he had it on PS3 to mask his intent to bash it by saying its dated looking when infact its visually impressive to this day. lol

What is on the PS3 that makes him think this looks dated was my point. Sucker.

The Closing4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

When people talk about games that look better then the rest of the catalogue of other systems they talk about actual released products such as Drakes Fortune.

If you want to talk about unreleased products why not throw, MGS4, 8 Days, or Killzone 2 in the mix? If Alan Wake same as killzone 2 delivers on the actual released product, which is a different beast entirely from a tech demo then it should be amazing no doubt, but don't turn this into something it's not.

edit: "He sugar coated the comment by claiming he wished he had it on PS3 to mask his intent to bash it"

Not everyone is a delusional fanboy like you. Contrary to what you may think, and this may be a little over your head, but Just because a game is being released on another system doesn't mean owners of the other system can't see its true quality.

PR0F3TA4470d ago

according to the Xbox fans Alan Wake is "EXCLUSIVE!!11!oneone! PWNERZ!1!1"

Guess i'll be getting that for PC

Archaeox4470d ago

I just don't like PC gaming, since you have to upgrade the computer hardware a lot, it realy hurts the wallet

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