Joystiq hands-on: Baja (360/PS3)

Joystiq writes: "Relative to other driving games, Baja was unforgiving of my bad mistakes, pitching me off the track like a Colin McRae game. I'm not sure if it was difficult enough -- I guess I equate 'difficult' with 'realistic simulation' -- but I had fun playing it.

This August, 2008 game will include 50 licensed vehicles across nine classes, ranging from big trucks to VW bugs. So simulation fans will have those real-world elements. I drove a big F-series Ford over sand and dirt, even hitting a big jump with a soft landing. (Again,
'simulation' doesn't seem quite right to me.)

Visuals looked good in my races, although nothing stood out against other games. Ambient life appeared a few times -- a rabbit dodged across the track, and a hawk flew overhead -- but the shadows and details blended together. Real-world billboards for Del Taco caught my eye, but mostly just as an exercise about in-game ads. (Still, there were a lot of billboards in the desert.)"

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