Chat with F.E.A.R. Team and win a Signed Faceplate this Halloween

Ready to feel some F.E.A.R on Halloween? This Tuesday, Oct. 31, Advanced Media Network is hosting a developer chat with Vivendi producer Rob Loftus and developer TJ Wagner from Day 1 Studios. Talk to them about F.E.A.R and its transition to its new home on the Xbox 360 and hear about the title before you pick it up that day! In addition, we'll sweeten the pot and giveaway a sweet F.E.A.R Xbox 360 faceplate signed by Rob Loftus.

Who: Advanced Media and producer Rob Loftus, developer TJ Wagner.

What: Developer chat over IRC (available free for download) in a public to-be-announced chat room channel.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 31 at 3:30 pm PST (7:30 EST). The chat will last approximately 1 hour.

How: Participating in the developer chat is easy! Just follow these simple steps...

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assjacket4467d ago

no offense to the developers, I'm sure they're cool guys, but I just want to blow guys heads off in slow mo.
Can anyone that played this game on PC tell me how long it is? Thats really the only question I would have.