The Man Behind The Machine: Mark Cerny Is The Key Figure Behind The New Playstation 4

The Independent: ''In 1982, aged 17, Mark Cerny quit university in his native California to work as a designer and programmer for the era's most important games company, Atari. By 1984, he had created his first hit game, Marble Madness. By 1985, he had moved to Japan to work with gaming's rising giant, Sega, where he worked on both games and the cutting edge of console design – a combination that saw him leave in the 1990s to develop for one of the world's first CD-based consoles, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.''

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kenmid3727d ago

We almost went a day without a Mark Cerny story. I know the PS4 and Xbox will be great consoles, but this guy has some many stories on N4g he should have is own tab.

black0o3727d ago

he's reachable .. and does hold information back, so every site out there are haunting him

they hitting with all kinda of Q and they keep trying to corner him but they keep just failing and the guy keeps getting more and more respect from both fans and press

papashango3727d ago

another cerny article....

Guy gets a hard on for attention doesn't he.

minimur123727d ago


haha :)

imagine if all of his stories were actually tagged with his name

HammadTheBeast3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Just pointing out, this guy's a legit genius. He went to University of California for Physics at the age of 16.

Wow. Even "casual" news are picking up on Cerny.

dcj05243727d ago

Thats really freaking ( dont wanna lost another bubble. MODERATORS!!!!) Impressive.

showtimefolks3727d ago

here is a man who deserves all the credit he gets and than some

its also amazing on sony's behalf that they have made him the face of PS4.

when he said ps4 ports will take 1-2 months i was like wow than the crew was ported to ps4 with 3 man team in 2 months damn

just imagine last of us and GTA5 coming to ps4 a lot sooner than we anticipated

fsfsxii3727d ago

Geez, don't run into his related articles then.

3727d ago
gaelic_laoch3727d ago

So did Don Mattrick until he got the Heave Ho!

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Electric-flamingo3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Incoming cerny

EvilJeffBridges3727d ago

Cerny deserves the attention. He's an inspirational person. I rather hear about heroes of our culture than butt hurt fanboys whining about minuscule bull-crap..

EverydayGuy3727d ago

Isn't that why we came to N4G? To read about minuscule crap that the fanboys type to each other?

Look at me I'm a FB, PS4 sucks because their games suck, and now you have to pay to play multiplayer, and our DRM policy got changed NOW WHAT! OH YEAH! M$ is the only company trying to push NSA on us, and the only company that had to reverse its own policy just to boost their sales.
_ _ _ _ _

PS4 is the future with indie support, you will have soo many games like steam.

Williamson3727d ago

Not like cerny himself is posting these articles and besides I rather have articles about him than cliffy B who's really arrogant imo.

fenome3727d ago

uh, duh. I love his passion for it, and his drive (albeit, his voice is a little bit 'I've got a body in the basement' lol), but this ite is playing him out like Mtv would've back in the day when they used to play music.

Don't get me wrong, I love that he's keeping us informed, and he was a key player. It's just the articles on here that come up as 'NEW', really... really? This is a summary of a conference where I first ever heard of this guy. Yeah, it is interesting the first time you read(heard) it, but after the 12th time of the same exact thing it's not news. Rehashing the same exact thing over and over...

The blame is definately not to be put on Cerny though, he's definately earned his spot in this industry and I wouldn't want it any other way. These submissions that are about the exact same thing over and over is what kills it though..

EvilJeffBridges3727d ago

Then move along. Luckily there is plenty of other internet out there fore you to check out.

HammadTheBeast3727d ago

I agree, I'm not talking about him, I'm talking about how on this site, people are taking his every sentence and making an article about it.

Benchm4rk3727d ago

Has anyone else noticed that every company he worked for or was involved with is no longer in the console business. Atari, Sega, 3DO (Panasonic).... Wonder if this pattern will continue

WeAreLegion3727d ago

Pretty sure most people in the industry worked at those places...

IRetrouk3727d ago

Hes also worked for sony since the ps1, not one playstation has failed so far, plenty of companys go down the pipe, cant blame just one person for a companys downfall, they all have a group of people making the calls.